This article comprehensively outlines the other two remaining options: letting Arabella die and attacking Kagha in the “Save Arabella” quest. We have already advised you on how to Save Arabella. This quest’s objective is to free a child from Kagha, the druid grove’s leader. Due to her attempt to steal an ‘idol’, a sacred relic, Arabella is currently being held captive under the leader Kagha.

Let Arabella die

In order to let Arabella die, select the below option: (Refer to the images down below)

Flick your eyes to the exit so the child will try to run.

Arabella will make an attempt to flee but will be bitten by Kagha’s snake ‘teela‘. After this Kagha will instruct you to return to Arabella’s parents and let them know about the loss. The “Save Arabella” quest will be finished in this way, but you won’t get anything in return.

Attack Kagha

If you decide to attack Kagha, then Arabella will be killed by the snake. The war between Druids and Tieflings will start once you kill Kagha but choosing this option will kill Healer Nettie. In order to kill Kagha, surround her by Lae’zel or Karlach while the rest of the group attacks.

You will be rewarded with ‘Broodmother’s Revenge uncommon amulet’ by looting her corpse, which will give you Venomous Revenge that poisons your weapon for 1d4 bonus damage.

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