In Baldur’s Gate 3, there is a side quest called ‘Save Arabella ‘ that requires you to save a kid named Arabella from Kagha, the head druid of Druids’ Grove. You can offer help to the parents Komira and Locke whose child is held captive in Emerald Grove after attempting to steal a sacred relic. You can save Arabella by making the appropriate decisions with the help of this tutorial.

How to start the save Arabella quest

To start the quest, you will need to talk with Arabella parents and accept their request to save their daughter. After speaking with Arabella’s parents and accepting the quest to save her, return down the steps and speak with the druid guards. You have to choose either of the dialogue options to continue further:-

  1. If it weren’t for me, you’d be overrun by goblins.
  2. I’m not looking for trouble. Can you just let me by.

They’ll let you pass and will inform you that the leader Kagha wants to talk to you.

How to reach the emerald grove

Arabella is being held captive at Emerald Grove, where you can see Khaga threatening Arabella with her snake. Move away from the staircase where the druid guards are standing, then turn right, where you will notice a big gate in front of you and that’s Emerald Grove.

How to save arabella from the hands of Kagha

To save Arabella, you will need to choose the right options which would favour the chances of saving her. You may select either one:-

  1. Thief? Poison? What’s this girl’s actual crime?
  2. Imprison her? She’s just a child.

The quest progresses further to the next dialogue, where you may select either one:- 

  1. [Nature] Don’t Druids cherish harmony? Jailing the girls disrupts nature’s balance.
  2. [Persuasion] Release her. I’ll see that she stays out of trouble.

Kagha will release Arabella.

Take arabella back to her parents

After Kagha releases Arabella, return back to Komira and Locke on the steps where you first picked up the mission. Speak with them to witness Arabella reunite with her parents and choose a dialogue choice. You’re awarded with Komira’s Locket, a necklace that enables the wearer the ability to cast Dancing Lights and a cantrip that illuminates a 9m radius.

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