The Tech World in Pet Simulator 99 offers a treasure trove of opportunities, from unique pets to powerful upgrades. But reaching this digital dimension requires a bit of preparation in Rebirth 4.

How to reach  the Tech World

Step 1: Embrace Rebirth

In Pet Simulator 99, players must first access the Rebirth 4 statue in Area 99 before they can go to Tech World. It’s crucial to remember that Rebirth 4 is the only method to board the rocketship and reach the Tech World. There aren’t any other ways to enter this new game universe. The Rocketship is accessible, but you can’t use it until you get back there after utilising Rebirth 4. There, you’ll find the imposing Rebirth machine. Interact with it to undergo the transformation, resetting your progress but granting significant stat boosts and unlocking new features.

Step 2: Return to the familiar

After Rebirth, you’ll find yourself back in Area 1. Don’t worry; you won’t need to unlock everything again. Navigate your way through the worlds, reacquiring areas and progressing as usual. This might be a good time to equip a coin-boosting loadout to expedite the process

Step 3: Ascend with the rocket

Once you’ve reached Area 99 again, you’ll notice a familiar sight – the rocket ship! Unlike before, interacting with it will now prompt you to travel to “World 2,” which is the Tech World

Congratulations! You’ve arrived in the Tech World. Here, you’ll find unique machines, a special Tech Chest (requiring Tech Keys), and the Super Computer, allowing access to all World One machines for added convenience.

Bonus Tip: Enhance Your Tech Journey. While exploring the Tech World, keep an eye out for exclusive Tech Eggs and powerful pets like the M6 Prototype. Remember, the Tech World offers exciting opportunities to elevate your gameplay in Pet Simulator 99.

By following these steps, you’ll be well on your way to conquering the Tech World and unlocking its hidden potential.

By Mansi

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