In this section of the Starfield Walkthrough you will get a comprehensive walkthrough for Starborn, the seventh mission of the main story. You’ll be stopped by the Helix when you leave Neon as part of the All That Money Can Buy mission.

Grav Jump to Anywhere or Surrender the Artifact

You can surrender the Artifact or Grav Jump anywhere. It’s worthwhile Grav Jumping immediately back to Jemison in the Alpha Centauri system since no matter which route you take, you’ll need to go back to the lodge to finish All That Money Can Buy.

Talk to Noel

You’ll be requested to talk with Noel if you return to the Alpha Centauri system and arrive at The Lodge. She can learn about the Starborn and your meeting with Helix from the facts you provide.

Attend the Lodge Meeting

Attend The Lodge meeting so Constellation can inform you of what they’ve learned from the data. They will talk about the Starborn and speculate on who they might be.

Speak with Sarah

Talk to Sarah after the meeting. At this time, you will have the opportunity to express your view regarding who you support and who you believe the Starborn may be.

Add the Artifact to the collection

The Artifact must be added to the room’s collection as the last step of this mission.

Rewards for Completing Starborn

The rewards for completing this mission are: Calibrated Constellation Space Helmet and 5000 Credits

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