High Price to Pay differs from the missions that came before it in that it has two paths, but they both lead to the same destination; it only depends on who makes it there alive. The 11th main mission in Starfield, High Price to Pay, begins as soon as players place their most recent artefact to the collection at The Lodge from the mission 10th.

Place The Artifact At The Lodge

Players will get a message from Vladimir from The Eye as soon as they place yet another artefact at the Lodge that you’ve brought back from the Scow as part of No Sudden Moves.  High Price to Pay will begin immediately, with you prompted to talk to Noel. Noel receives a distress call from Vladimir. Vladimir will inform the Constellation party that the Starborn has attacked and that one of them is seriously hurt and needs immediate medical attention. The Hunter is the one responsible for the attack

You’ll be presented with a big choice to make which is:

Choice 1: Defend the Lodge – Stay and defend The Lodge alongside other Constellation members present.
Choice 2: Go to the Eye – Proceed to The Eye to assist the Constellation members on board.”

Path One: Defend The Lodge

Choosing to stay at The Lodge results in an eventual attack by The Hunter. After a brief confrontation, everyone must retreat to the basement and navigate through tunnels to escape from the lodge.

Upon reaching their spacecraft, players must then head to The Eye to check on their fellow comrades. It’s during this moment that they’ll uncover the tragic loss of one of their companions. Players will lost their favorited character or spouse as a result of this. In my playthrough, ‘Sarah Morgan’ had sadly met her demise.

Path Two: Go To The Eye

Opting to go to The Eye, exit The Lodge and proceed to your destination. At The Eye, you’ll find that everyone is alive but wounded. Upon your return to The Lodge, you’ll be met with a distressing scene: one of your companions will have sadly passed away, surrounded by a pool of blood. In my playthrough, ‘Barret’ had tragically met his end.

How To Get Dead Companion’s Gear

Players should venture into The Lodge’s basement to find a storage crate containing their belongings, especially if they had previously traded gear with a fallen comrade. In Starfield, a unique way to acquire exclusive apparel is by allowing certain individuals like Sam Coe to meet their demise instead of saving them, as all of their possessions, including their clothing, will be found in this crate.

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