The Short Sighted mission, which is the ninth main quest in Starfield, stands out as one of the game’s briefest undertakings. To complete it, players simply have to make their way to The Eye, the Constellation space station positioned in orbit around Jemison within the Alpha Centauri System.

Go To The Eye

Player can start this mission from any planet, provided players travel to The Eye. Upon arrival, they will encounter their friends diligently engaged in their tasks, with Vladimir overseeing operations from the central console. Vladimir will then inquire if the player can lend a hand to the crew members striving to optimize the ship’s performance as soon as they step aboard The Eye. To fulfill this objective, players need only locate each crew member and offer assistance

Help The Crew

Barrett can be found in the Scanning Control room and working on a computer module. He will guide players to utilize a nearby terminal to verify their connection, conveniently positioned beside him. By selecting ‘Test Connection,’ players will effectively ping the Lodge from the Eye.

Players can also find Sarah in the Scanning Control room, and she’ll ask them to get a wrench from the table next to her. A descriptive action that notifies players that despite tightening down the equipment, a spark has produced a tiny explosion in one of the electric boxes will come up as soon as players hit the action button on the wrench. From here, players can speak with Vladimir and either accept no responsibility for what occurred or provide an explanation. Regardless of the result, Vladimir will want a conversation to discuss a more pressing matter—the upcoming mission.

Sam Coe and his daughter Cora may be found in Facilities FO1, which is the room to the right of the Scanning Control room. Sam requests assistance from the player while using a welder. To assist, the player can push the action button once more. This time, the player will receive a text message stating that they were successful.

The Cafeteria, which can be reached by passing through the space Sam and Cora are in and turning to the right, is where Andreja may be discovered. She invites the player to assist in putting together certain mechanical components within. The scanning apparatus is installed by pressing the action button.

Talk To Vladimir

After every crew member has contributed their assistance, players can effortlessly talk with Vladimir to initiate their next mission, while also reaping the rewards of goodies and XP. The subsequent quest seamlessly begins, but should a player wish to make adequate preparations for their next Starfield endeavor, they have the option to depart from the Eye and return whenever they choose.

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