Following the events of mission 9, the Constellation members are working at Starfield to increase The Eye’s capabilities. However, Vladimir has a mission prepared for the player, enabling them to start Starfield’s 10th main quest, which has them commit a space theft.  Use this guide and learn how to complete No Sudden Moves in Starfield step-by-step.

Talk to Vladimir

Talk to Vladimir to find out where the next Artifact is. He’ll tell you Captain Petrov of the Scow has one in his collection. Petrov isn’t willing to trade it, so Vladimir asks you to steal it from him. Barrett joins the player in this guide on their mission to rob Captain Petrov.

Board The Scow

Gamers will come across the Scow in orbit around Procyon 5-B, the moon of Procyon 5, within the Procyon A System. Player have the option to either initiate contact with the Scow and try to persuade the captain to grant them permission to board by assuming the role of potential buyers, or they can opt for a more aggressive approach, attacking the ship and sabotaging its engines to board it like pirates.

It is advisable to opt for persuading the ship’s crew to allow players to dock and board, as The Scow is a big ship with formidable defenses. Unless you’ve significantly upgraded your ship options, your most advantageous approach is to gain entry by convincing the crew to grant you access. Here’s the method to peacefully persuade The Scow to grant you docking access:

  • [Persuade] I have business with Petrov. It’s important.
  • We’re just here to trade. Nothing else.

Find Captain Petrov

As you step into the main body of the ship, you’ll be confronted by Tao Xun. Ask him about the “special rock” that Captain Petrov is holding and Tao will tell you that it isn’t for sale. You won’t find out much from him though however he also directs you to Petrov so you can talk with the man directly. Make your way past the crew until you reach where Petrov is. You’ll spot Petrov seated on a throne in the center.

You’ll have several options like Attack Petrov , Try to flatter him about his collection and tell him you’re a fan or Speak directly about the Artifact in his collection. Option – Considering his personality, flattery will get you everywhere. You’ll then be able to try and persuade him to show the collection. Barrett was able to persuade Petrov Here are the dialogue options you should select:

  • I’m here about the Artifact in your collection
  • [Persuade] Just a small peek at your collection is all I need

Steal The Artifact

Petrov will lead you further down the Scow. Just follow him around until he unlocks all the doors for you and shows you the Artifact. No matter what dialogue option you pick he isn’t going to hand it over. You can choose to attack Petrov first or steal the Artifact Phi. There’s no option but to steal the Artifact. If you do, Petrov will begin to attack but Petrov will surrender after a few hits. You can take the Artifact Phi and everything on the Scow without any trouble from his crew.

Artifact Phi and (Optional) Loot Petrov’s Ship

At this point, you can choose between initiating an attack or force Petrov to instruct his crew to stand down. You’ll end up with a bounty if you kill him. On the other hand, sparing his life and having his crew stand down will grant you the freedom to explore the ship and acquire what you desire.

It’s worth noting that players are free to explore the ship and take items without incurring theft charges, as the Scow Guards won’t turn hostile unless provoked. Exploring Petrov’s throne room, players can access a hidden office on the left. Further you can explore Petrov’s zoo for a variety of exotic and dangerous alien creatures. Once they’ve collected their desired loot, players can return to their ship and set course for home.

Return To The Lodge

Now you have to add the Artifact to your collection by going to The Lodge. The only problem with this is you now have a bounty and, you won’t be able to land on Jemison. You can either find a way to clear your bounty first before landing on Jemison

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