Players in the mission “All That Money Can Buy” will be charged with accompanying Walter on a trip to Neon, where they will have to negotiate a deal for a piece of the Artifact and try to break free from a rival company’s corporate bonds. This article will guide you through all the objective of the mission “All That Money Can Buy” in starfield.

Talk To Walter

Go to The Lodge and speak with Walter. He will ask the player to travel with him to Neon City on Volii Alpha in the Volii system as he’s arranged a business meeting on Neon between him and a seller who has one of the additional artifacts. Board your ship and travel to the Volii System in order to find Neon, which is located on Volii Alpha.

Once on Neon, players should speak with Walter once more. He will ask them to travel into the city, go to the Stroud-Ekland headquarters, and meet his partner so that they may continue their search for the artifact and the seller.

Check in at Stroud-Eklund HQ & Talk to Issa Eklund

Head to the Stroud-Eklund headquarters situated in the eastern part of the city. Utilize the elevator to ascend to Stroud-Eklund HQ, where you will encounter Walter and his companion, Issa. Players will quickly realize that Issa and Walter are married when they arrive to Stroud-Ekland Headquarters.

Ask about security & Check the door controls

The player will learn some helpful information from Issa regarding their next course of action, and she will direct them to two leads that require further investigation. The first is to go to the Astral Lounge, and the second is to get information on the anonymous seller by asking around.

Go To The Astral Lounge

Head to the Astral Lounge in the Trade Tower. In the Astral lodge talk to Boone Morgan, the bartender, who can help arrange a meeting. Ask him about security option to him. He will suggest the VIP package, and you can choose between either paying 4,000 credits for it or convincing him to offer a discount. Convince him by mentioning that Stroud is expected to visit the lounge.

Investigate the Seller

Return to the western section of the city and enter Newill’s Goods, where you can converse with James Newill. He has the information about the Seller. You have the option to either offer him 2,500 credits or employ persuasion skills to extract more details. Regardless of the method, he will disclose that the seller is currently residing at Sleepcrate One.

Search the seller’s sleepcrate

Navigate to Sleepcrate One, located adjacent to the Trade Authority sign in the southern Ebbside area. Follow the objective marker to locate the Seller’s Sleepcrate and unlock it for entry. Upon entering, interact with the computer to read the Personal Correspondence Emails, which reveal that the seller urgently requires Credits, making them susceptible to leverage by Walter and the player during this transaction.

Return To Walter

Head back to Stroud-Eklund HQ and have a conversation with Walter. Players can interrupt and provide Walter with their research, and he will direct the player to continue to the Astral Lounge. Afterward, return to the Astral Lounge to finalize the deal.

Locate the seller

Speak with Walter in the Astral lodge. He will mention that although he doesn’t know the seller’s exact appearance, they will be carrying a briefcase containing the artifact. He will also provide the code phrase “Ramsay and Travers” to identify yourself as a buyer and commence the sale.

Once you’ve concluded your conversation with Walter, roam through the Astral Lounge until you spot the seller, who will have a briefcase in hand. Look for him near the staircase, next to the bar, casually leaning against the rear wall. This individual is named Musgrove and is dressed in a leather jacket. Approach Musgrove and inform him that you are associated with “Ramsay and Travers.” Finally, return to Walter to let him know you’ve found the Seller.

Negotiate for the Artifact

The vendor and Walter are waiting when you enter the room that the players earlier broke into. It doesn’t matter whether or not players sit out of this arrangement. For a bargain this huge, sitting just makes everything feel more laid back. There are several ways to complete the transaction:

Grab the Artifact: Players have the option of killing the seller, but doing so would be foolish because security would then strike and the club would descend into complete pandemonium. Security as a VIP member can also be used by players to pressure the merchant into handing up the Artifact for free.

Close the Security Door: By scaring Musgrove and further frightening him with security, closing the security door will force him to give up the artifact because he won’t receive even one Credit from the prospective sale.

Leverage: Players can exploit the seller’s desperation to sell the item for Credits to their advantage and persuade him to accept their initial offer price rather than doubling it. Both outcomes are irrelevant because this is Walter’s pocket and not the player’s.

Deal With The Slayton Agent

An agent with a machine gun will be waiting outside once you leave the meeting. This person was employed by Slayton, the first owner of the Artifact and a rival. You have three options: confront them directly, use persuasion to convince them to leave you be, or summon Neon Security for assistance.

Go to Slayton Aerospace HQ

When you get down to the bottom of the Astral Lounge, you’ll find Issa waiting for you near the exit. She inform you that the spacecraft has been impounded and that Slayton has put a bounty on their heads. Players must visit the Slayton Aerospace headquarters to try to resolve the conflict between Slayton and Walter.

To get to Slayton Aerospace HQ, return to the elevator you used to go up to Stroud-Eklund HQ. As you speak to the receptionist, you can either persuade them to let you see Nicolaus Slayton or attack. Try to Persuade the receptionist to let you see Slayton, by saying he’s expecting you.

When you’re granted access to the elevator, take this up to see Slayton. Unfortunately, Slayton has discovered the player’s plot and had stop the elevator from reaching the Executive Level and speak with Walter over the speaker system.

Issa will also join in and reveal that she’s bribed one of Slayton’s security guards. She will provide you with instructions on how to traverse the ventilation system to reach the next floor.

After Issa’s assistance in navigating Slayton Aerospace HQ, you will find yourself near the uppermost section of the tower, outside the building. Numerous security guards will be patrolling the vicinity, so you’ll need to sneak by them or take them down. Proceed along the rooftop and make your way to the stairs at the far end, which will lead you to the top.

Upon reaching the top, head towards the eastern section of the rooftop to locate the door that grants re-entry to Slayton Aerospace HQ.

Confront Slayton

Step into the room where you’ll find Nicolaus Slayton waiting. In this room, you have the opportunity to engage in a talk with Nicolaus and attempt to negotiate some terms. If you opt for negotiation, Walter will speak with Nicolaus to present a compromise, suggesting a profit-sharing agreement. Slayton will then present you with choices on how to handle Musgrove – Artifact theif.

Talk to Musgrove

Enter the office where you’ll encounter the injured Musgrove and engage in a conversation regarding his actions. You’ll have the option to either send him to prison, set him free, or take his life. Walter will advise you to show leniency, enabling you to release him, a choice that Slayton will accept without issue.

Leave Neon

Finally return to your ship and depart Neon to end the misison.

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