In this segment of the Starfield Walkthrough, you’ll discover a comprehensive guide for navigating the 12th mission, Unity. We’ll lead you to the locations of collectibles, essential items, and various chances to acquire additional loot while you journey to unravel the mysteries surrounding The Unity.

Talk to Keeper Aquilus

From The Lodge, go west to Jemison, where you can locate the Sanctum Universum. Matteo will be waiting for you along with a group.

Enter the Sanctum Universum

Join Matteo and Keeper Aquilus for a discussion within a meeting chamber located within Sanctum Universum. Share your knowledge regarding the Starborn, the Artifacts, and Unity with them.

Speak with Keeper Aquilus

Keeper Aquilus will recount a tale of a Pilgrim who encountered the Va’ruun founders and the House of Enlightenment’s leaders, imparting a portion of valuable information to them. Subsequently, this Pilgrim embarks on a journey towards their ultimate resting place, leading Keeper Aquilus to suspect that this narrative conceals a code indicating the location of the Pilgrim’s final destination.

Get in touch with The House of Enlightenment

You can locate the House of Enlightenment within The Well. Engage in a conversation with Andy Singh at this location, delving into topics such as Keeper Aquilus, Unity, and the enigmatic Pilgrim.

Speak with the Va’Ruun Prisoner

Go to the UC structure in Jemison to find the Va’Ruun Prisoner. If you ask the prisoner about the Pilgrim, he or she will narrate a tale about the Unbeliever.

Head back to Keeper Aquilus

Keeper Aquilus will be able to put together the information from the stories and direct you to the Pilgrim’s final resting place.

Visit Indum II

Go to the Indum II in the Indum System. Once you arrive at the planet, you can land straight at Pilgrim’s Rest.

Visit Pilgrim’s Rest

Go to Pilgrim’s Rest, which is in the southeast, and find the marker there.

Look for Clues on Unity

Your prompt to look for hints on Unity will come when you get closer to Pilgrim’s Rest. Finding four notes the Pilgrim left behind will help you do this as they contain the information you need to move on to the next level.

Head towards the tent on the left marked in the picture below as you get closer to Pilgrim’s Rest. As you enter, one of the diaries may be found on the left, perched atop a white box.

Writings of Pilgrim 2

Travel southeast from here, beyond the Caelus Pokeweed. Just to the left of the plants, behind the plants, is another building. There is another diary to the left of the storage box in the northeastern corner of the room.

Writings of Pilgrim 4

You’ll find another Storage Box by turning left once more as you continue within the building. An extra journal is located to the right of this one.

Writings of Pilgrim 1

As you approach Pilgrim’s Rest, take the exit and head over to the structure that was on your right. You can walk inside a room that has a first aid kit on the wall, weapon and ammo cases, and another notebook to the right of it.

Writings of Pilgrim 3

Open the door next to the First Aid Kit once you have this journal. You may find the sixth journal from the Pilgrim by going over to the desk.

Writings of Pilgrim 5

You can open the computer terminal if you have collected all the journals and have the necessary information. This is by the door that is directly across from the desk, to the right.

Access the Locked Room

To access the locked room, you’ll need to interact with the Computer and answer a series of questions. We’ve noted them below for ease.

All Questions and Answers to Unlock The Door are :

Q: If you came seeking the right answers, you will know what question to ask
A: What is the Unity?

Q: I return your question with a question. If you have read my writings, what is the burden of the people?
A: People are necessary. But people are madness.

Q: Who is your most formidable opponent?
A: Myself

Q: Where does enduring contentment come from?
A: In stopping. In embracing compassion.

Search the Room

After unlocking the room, a request to search the area will appear. As you enter the room, look to your right to find the final fragment of the Pilgrim’s writing.

Final Writings of Pilgrim

You can also search through several Storage Boxes, and if you turn to your left, you’ll see shelves with bags in front of them. The Trackers Primer 02, which permanently raises ballistic weapon damage, is available on this page.

Tracker Primer 02

Check out Pilgrim’s final writing

The truth is concealed on Hyla II, inside the Scorpion’s Sting, as you will learn if you read the Pilgrim’s Final Writing, which you should do.

On Hyla II, locate the Scorpion’s Sting

In the Hyla System, get back on your ship and fly to Hyla II. You’ll need to Grav Jump to other systems along the way because it is fairly far away before you arrive.

When you have, head to the southern ruins. A Glyph will appear in front of you and a beacon of light will descend from what appears to be a scorpion’s tail.

To activate the Glyph, interact with it. The light from the scorpion’s sting must be moved around until it reaches the beginning of the constellation image by using the four circles on the glyph as arrows. The star to the far left of you is this.

Visit the Scorpius Constellation’s final star

You can find The Hunter and begin the In Their Footsteps quest by going to the final Scorpius Constellation start.

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