This article fully explained the 13th mission in the main story – In Their Footsteps in the starfield mission.

Hail the Scorpius

Speak to The Hunter that Keeper Aquilus sent you to learn more about The Unity. You will be welcomed aboard The Hunter, where Helix, whom you first met early in the game, is constantly waiting to speak with you.

Dock with the Scorpius

To meet with Helix and The Hunter, dock with the Scorpius and go inside.

Speak with The Hunter

Approach The Hunter and you’ll find out that the Helix is The Emissary. You can discuss attacking The Lodge and The Eye as well as learning more about the Artifacts with The Hunter and The Emissary.

During the course of the discussion, it becomes evident that The Emissary is actually your former companion who died in the High Price to Pay. In a parallel revelation, The Hunter is unveiled as Keeper Aquilus, although these versions of them belong to a distinct universe and a separate timeline from the present.

Talk to the Emissary

To initiate a conversation with The Emissary, it’s essential to have already engaged in discussions with The Hunter and taken part in their optional dialogues, delving deeper into their backgrounds, the Starborn, and Unity. After they express their intention to personally assess the Artifacts’ perilous nature, you’ll be entrusted with a new assignment.

Disperse from the Scorpius

To comprehend the actual power of the Artifacts and the nature of Unity at this point, you will get two more quests to perform: Unearthed &
Final Glimpses

Starting your journey with “Unearthed” is the suggested course of action, but it’s worth noting that “Final Glimpses” encourages a return to The Lodge. Therefore, we recommend commencing with a visit to The Lodge initially.

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