Further Into the Unknown is the eighth main quest in Starfield. This mission leaves players with more questions than answers as they start to understand the perils of what they seek. The fundamentals of the Further Into the Unknown mission is covered in this guide.

Speak with Vladimir

Talk to Vladimir at the Lodge to inform him that you’re prepared to travel to other stars to gather more artifacts. He’ll urge you to track down two of them, each of whom is on a different planet.

Visit the Designated Planets

You can visit the planets in any order when you board your ship and depart towards one of them! Land on the settlement indicated by your objective marker after entering the orbit.

Find the Artifact on the First Planet

Use your hand scanner to find the artifact by following the breadcrumb trail up to the building. Before entering the compound, eliminate all enemies patrolling outside.

When you get to the Artifact, a Starborn will suddenly appear. Make sure to kill him first. Employ your cutter to extract the artifact from the mineral deposit, then collect it and ensure it’s safely stowed in your inventory.

Locate  the Artifact on the Second Planet

To get to the second planet, get back inside your ship and leave. Visit the cave or establishment where the second Artifact is kept. Another Starborn will appear next to the Artifact when you go to that part of the complex that is deep. After killing him, take the Artifact from the deposit by using the cutter once more.

Add the Artifacts to the Collection

Place the two artifacts into the library’s collection, and then make your way back to the Lodge. Completing the quest will involve engaging in a long conversation with Matteo and Vladimir, and as a reward, you’ll receive 7200 Credits and 2 Med Packs.

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