The Old Neighbourhood adventure commences immediately after the completion of the One Small Step quest. In this subsequent mission, Sarah Morgan becomes a part of the team as they investigate another potential lead on an artifact. Here’s what you can expect when you set out on this journey, one that will traverse the vast expanse of Sol.

Go on a Tour

To initiate the mission, start a conversation with Sarah. Throughout the course of this mission, she will become as an active companion. Sarah ask the player to join her as she pursues a lead regarding another potential artifact.

Talk to Sarah’s Contact

Go to the United Colonies headquarters in the MAST District and talk to Tuala. Tuala will present his argument for why individuals should consider joining the Vanguard. Whether you choose to accept or decline this offer will not impact the main storyline and is entirely optional. If you ask Tuala about the Constellation business, he’ll advise you to go to the Sol system and look for a recruit called Moara.

Ask about Moara in Cydonia

Head to your spacecraft and chart a course for Mars within the Sol system. Upon entering Mars’ orbit, select Cydonia as your destination. Upon arrival at Cydonia, make your way to the Broken Spear Bar and engage in a conversation with the bartender, who goes by the name Jack. At this point, several choices become available. If players pay him 2,500 credits, he will reveal what he knows. Players can also attempt to Persuade him for the information on Moara. At this point he may request you to go to Venus in search of Moara.

Go to Venus

Go to your spacecraft and set a course for Venus.

Examine the Satellite (Avoid Detection)

Near Venus, a beacon reveals Moara’s location, but beware of hostile Va’ruun fanatics. At this point, Sarah will teach you how to be sneaky in space. Sarah will tell you to turn down all power to your ship’s system except the engine. Weapons and shields, for example, are simpler to detect. Power down all systems except one or two engine bars to stay hidden.

Slowly make your way over to the satellite after dropping the power on your engine. When you’re close to the satellite, hit “Target” (E for PC). This will bring up the “Activate” prompt to examine the satellite.

Go to Nova Galactic Staryard

Upon arrival, head towards the Nova Galactic Staryard and, when in proximity, engage the docking prompt. Enter the ship, but exercise caution as there might be Spacers in the vicinity.

Find any clues about Moara

Enter the Nova Galactic Staryard, turn right, and take a left before the Conference Room. Ascend the staircase behind the control room, proceed to the workroom, and check behind the window to find a spaceship shell. Inside, locate the log “Vanguard Moara’s Slate” on a table, revealing Moara’s plight near Neptune.

Visit Neptune

Head to your spacecraft and chart a course for Neptune. Sarah will recommend avoiding any damage from Moara’s ship during your approach. The goal is to disable the ship’s engine without destroying it, as Moara and a potential artifact are on board. After successfully disabling the engines with gunfire, proceed to dock and board the ship.

Upon docking your ship, eliminate all the enemies inside Moara’s vessel. Engage in conversation with Moara, then retrieve the artifact located near the pilot’s seat. To conclude the quest, return to The Lodge and add the artifact to the Artifact Collection.

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