The opening mission of Starfield’s primary narrative is titled One Small Step. As you set out on your trip from Vectera, we’ll show you where to find collectables, critical items, and any other possibilities to score some extra loot.

One Small Step Guide

Players start off as mere miners in Starfield’s first quest, One Small Step. Players are thrust into a massive galactic quest to find the answers as a result of a sequence of events. Here is what to anticipate from Starfield’s opening main quest.

Follow Lin

Players are allowed to exit the lift and follow Lin after a brief sequence. Simply follow Lin to advance in the story and progress. Lin will soon approach a crate. Pick up a Cutter from the crate when instructed to do so. Keep a Cutter handy at all times because it allows users to mine for resources that they will come across throughout the game.

A blue waypoint will be used to designate a number of locations. There is a Beryllium deposit at each of these locations. Shoot the rock with the Cutter until it breaks to mine the beryllium. Lin will send out a call for participants to report back to her after she has collected all of the deposits.

Carry on after Lin. Players will eventually have to enter a recently opened area by themselves. To go to a dead end with odd flying rocks, follow the blue waypoint. After shooting the pillar’s shining portion, take the item bearing the letter “???” in it.

Character Creation

Players will have the option to change their character after a cutscene. Players can select their background and traits in addition to their physical appearance. Your starting set of three skills is determined by your background, and traits have a range of intriguing impacts.

Players will then be given the opportunity to choose a name, view their inventory screen, and, if they so want, change the camera’s perspective from first person to third. Follow Lin as she approaches the client and continues to do so. Open your inventory when suggested, then put a helmet on. The story will continue when players have finished this stage, which is when Lin will open the airlock. Follow Lin, pay attention to what she and Barrett are saying, and get ready for a battle shortly.

Defeat the Pirates

Make careful to take a gun out of the box on top of the crate as you run in the direction of the left. In terms of dealing with the pirates, it will be substantially more effective. It is simple to determine how many pirates are still alive because each one has a blue waypoint on them. When all the pirates are dead, go up to Barrett and start a conversation.

The Constellation recruits players based on their knowledge of the artifact. Players get the chance to question Barrett about the Artifact, Constellation, and the pirates before ending the conversation. As soon as you’re prepared, enter the ship behind Barrett and take the pilot’s seat.

Spaceship Tutorial

Players will receive a tutorial on navigating a spaceship and sustaining its various systems shortly after entering space. You can bypass the lesson by giving power to every system. Players will experience their first space battle after the basic instruction. The top of the UI lists all of the weapon controls.

Once the first ship is destroyed, two more will show up. It will be simpler to prevent incurring hull damage if three power points are kept dedicated to the shield. The goal will be updated once the ships have been destroyed. Players must destroy the pirate outpost on Kreet in order to reach New Atlantis without mishap.

Select One Small Step from the mission tab by opening it. Players will have the ability to set a course in the lower right-hand corner. In Starfield, setting a course is equivalent to quick movement. Once there, make for the moon and set up camp. Players can only travel to the pirate outpost, which is located in one location on the moon.

Deal with the Pirates

An old research facility is being used as a base by the pirates. As you descend towards the base’s entrance, keep a look out for nearby wildlife. While some of these monsters will not pay attention to players, others will. Look for any helpful things, such as med packs, as you enter the building.

After entering the building, turn left and head for the stairs. The blue waypoint should lead you to a gang of pirates eventually. Kill them and take whatever items they have. Players should stock up now because they won’t have access to a lot of ammunition and weaponry later on.

Players will very probably level up as they progress through the facility. Players receive a skill point when they level up, which they can use to enhance their existing skills or unlock new ones. Since there is no level cap, players might theoretically eventually access all of the game’s skills.

Players will ultimately come upon a small safe that can be unlocked via lock-picking while exploring the facility. Although it is optional, if players are successful in opening it, they will receive some useful things. A ladder that climbs to the roof is located right next to the safe. There are enemies up there, so make sure to heal. They may not need to battle them, though, depending on the actions of the players.

What to Do About Brogan

Players will speak with Brogan, the pirates’ leader, not long after ascending to the roof. You can convince Brogan to let the players go without a fight. If that fails, the only choice is to execute him and all of his fellow pirates on the roof.

Regardless of the decision made by the players, the following action is to quickly return to the ship and aim for Jemison. Before choosing a course, make sure the grav drive is powered. Open the map at Jemison and move to New Atlantis after arrival.

Visit the Lodge

Players might want to take this opportunity to explore even though the goal is to get to the Lodge. In New Atlantis, there is a lot to do, and players can even take on a few side quests. When you’re ready to move the story along, follow the blue waypoint to a transit vehicle that will take you to different parts of New Atlantis.

The MAST District is The Lodge. To enter the structure indicated by the waypoint, approach it. The other Constellation members will be introduced to the participants after a protracted conversation. Put the artifact on the table next to the other two when instructed. Players will engage Sarah in conversation after an amazing light display. One Small Step will end when you have finished this chat, and The Old Neighbourhood, the following main quest, will start.

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