A formidable Cambion Devil named Commander Zhalk wields an Everburn Blade in Baldur’s Gate 3, and you have the option to face this challenging monster during the Nautiloid tutorial. If you manage to overcome this formidable monster, you’ll be rewarded with a potent magical weapon. Although the Mind Flayer advises caution and suggests dealing with Zhalk’s lesser minions while controlling the ship from afar, successfully defeating Zhalk will grant you access to one of the game’s most powerful weapons.

What happens if you kill commander zhalk

In addition to receiving 75 experience points for killing Commander Zhalk, you will also be able to loot his body for the Everburn Blade. One of the coolest Baldur’s Gate 3 weapons is this two-handed greatsword; it looks amazing and permanently deals an additional 1D4 Fire Damage to anything it hits.

How to kill commander zhalk

  1. Prior to the boss battle, make sure Lae’zel AND Shadowheart have joined the party.

2. Before entering the bossfight area, collect the green explosives located throughout the ship. These explosive items are scattered on the floor, resembling lanterns with a distinct green glow. When detonated, they are highly effective at targeting Commander Zhalk, ensuring he cannot easily evade the explosions and inflicting substantial damage.

3. Deal with the minions first when you enter the helm to start the boss battle, but just use normal attacks and cantrips. Slots for spells should be saved for later.

4. You can advance your team into Commander Zhalk’s line of sight once you’ve dealt with the minions. You have to keep the Mindflayer alive as he will stay away from attacking you.

5. At this point, save the game with all of your spell slots and health, then start battling Commander Zhalk.

6. Use each member of the team correctly in order to kill Commander Zhalk easily:

a) Lae’zel:- This boss has a high AC, thus she will unluckily miss a lot of the strikes. However, you can utilise her to throw the green explosives you had discovered on the ship.

b) Shadowheart:- As a cleric, Shadowheart can use cure wounds to heal the Mindflayer and stretch his battle with Commander Zhalk. This is very significant because Commander Zhalk will take the most damage from the Mindflayer and meanwhile he is fighting the mindflayer you can attack him as well.

c) Your character:- You must either do a significant amount of damage or apply a condition that stops Commander Zhalk from fighting. Avoid Slashing, Piercing, Bludgeoning, Fire, Lightning, Cold, and Poison, as he possesses resistance to all of these damage kinds. Also remember to quicksave the game after  every slight achievement against commander zhalk.

If you follow all the protocols correctly then you would be able to kill commander zhalk with less effort ( Refer to the images down below).

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