Rescue the Gnome is a side quest in Baldur’s Gate 3 that you will obtain after you explore the blighted village. You will come upon a group of goblins torturings a gnome for fun. You will have the option to save or abandon him. If you decide to save him, this article will show you how to save the gnome by stopping the windmill he is attached to.

How to start ‘rescue the gnome quest’

Go to the blighted village west of the druids’ grove to begin the rescue. Upon arrival, goblins will ambush you. To avoid a battle with various enemies in the village, consider using persuasion or intimidation.

Upon entering the village, head to the northwest corner. You’ll come across a group of goblins (assuming you spared them) gathered around a windmill, with a gnome attached to it. Initiate a conversation with them and select the following dialogue option to free the gnome and begin the quest:

‘Release that Gnome at once’

How to stop the windmill and rescue gnome

Use [intimidation] on the goblin by choosing the following option:

I won’t let you harm a defenseless being – not without a fight.

This would make the goblins to leave the place. Your next task is to halt the windmill’s operation. To achieve this, access the door situated at the rear of the windmill. Once inside, you’ll encounter two levers positioned to the left of the door: one marked as “Brake” and the other as “Brake Release.” Pull the ‘Brake’ Lever to bring the windmill to a stop.

Interact with the gnome

After engaging the brake lever, the windmill comes to a halt. Following the gnome’s release, you have the option to request a reward from him. He will ask you to locate his bag. If you can locate his bag, he kindly offers you what’s inside. By entering via the side hatch, you can access the room beneath the windmill to find his bag.

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