This article will guide you on how to complete the quest “Explore the Ruins” in the game Baldur’s Gate 3. This quest is only available if you didn’t free Shadowheart from the pod. There are four ways to enter the ruins and the player is free to choose any of them. Read on for all the details you’ll need to complete this quest, take down a few enemies, and get some awesome items.

How to enter the ruins

There are four ways to enter the ruins and the players have the freedom to choose any one of them. The four ways are :-

The door of the ravaged beach:- This approach is most likely the quickest. To put it into action, you’ll need to take control of a rogue character who has access to basic thief’s tools or get them from a beachside crate. Afterward, pick the lock on the old entrance to enter the Dank Crypt right away.

The Chapel Entrance:- You ultimately arrive at the chapel entrance by climbing the rock. As you approach, an argument gets started by the presence of a gang of bandits. By using deception, intimidation, or violence, you can make them run. You must then pass through the chapel’s entry door, which is guarded by Andorn.

The Hole:- There is a gap at the chapel entrance that none of your characters could squeeze through. Looking up, you notice a rock suspended from a coil of rope. To drop the stone and enlarge the hole in the ground, shoot this rope from a safe distance. After that, you can jump inside the chapel and into the dank crypt.

The Secret Wooden Hatch :-  The final approach is to circle around the chapel’s entrance to the right until you come across some roots that will let you get to a wooden hatch. You can quickly access the dank crypt by lockpicking the hatch with the help of thieves’ tools.

Although the player can choose any one of the four ways, this guide would suggest you to follow the 3rd way (The Hole) as it’s the easiest way out of all of them.

Investigate the ruins

Take the 3rd way ( The hole) as mentioned above and jump into the hole by shooting at the rope attached with a giant rock. Let the rock fall on the ground and make a bigger hole for your characters to go inside the ruins.

Fight all the enemies inside the ruins. Along the corridor, you will discover three small chambers. You may encounter a skull-shaped switch on the wall behind the statue when entering from the southern entrance. We can access the Dank Crypt part of the ruins by returning to the previous hallway, passing through the door, then passing through the next one.

Destroy the Heavy Oak Doors in the next location.

Two paths travelling north may be seen on the left and right sides as you go down the stairs from the main area. Continue to the left, where you’ll discover a button on the wall that unlocks a secret entrance.

Defeat any undead creatures in the area before going through the opened door because pressing the button would make them rise.

Open the Sarcophagus

Unlock the stone coffin to summon an undead creature when inside.

Speak with the Strange Figure

What is the worth of a single Mortal Life?” the undead will question. You can appease the undead ( Wither) by saying, “That depends on a person’s actions” or “No one life is worth more than another; we are all equal.”

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