In this section of the Starfield Walkthrough you may find a detailed walkthrough for the twentieth mission – One Giant Leap. All of the artifacts are now in your hands, and Unity itself remains to be seen. It’s time to construct the Armillary on your ship now that you have all the artifacts.

Create an Armillary on your ship

You must go to your ship’s console to add all the artifacts and construct your Armillary when you’re ready to move on and complete your journey.

Increase the Grab Drive’s power to leap to the Unity

Remove the Armillary if you want to Grav Jump somewhere else normally.

Become a Starborn or go back to your previous existence

When you arrive in Unity, a self-replicating version of yourself will greet you and describe Unity in detail. After explaining why you had to visit the Temples and gather the Artifacts, they will give you the option of becoming a Starborn or going back to your previous existence.

Simply travel back the way you came to Unity if you decide to return to your previous life. After that, you can play the game normally with the option to return to Unity by simply reassembling the Armillary in your ship.

However, you’ll have to enter the orb if you decide to become a Starborn. This is how the game ends and the New Game+ starts. If you choose this, you’ll roll credits and have the option to return immediately to New Game Plus.

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