This article will instruct you on how to open the Gilded Chest in the Baldurs Gate 3 game’s Owlbear Nest. One of the many mini-puzzles for treasure in Baldur’s Gate 3 is the Gilded Chest in the Owlbear Nest, despite being slightly more challenging to open than the ordinary chest. If you want the goods within, including a fairly strong early-game amulet, you’ll need to figure out how to open the powerful magic lock that has sealed this loot receptacle.

Selûne’s Gilded Chest location

Once inside Owlbear Nest, follow the left path and use the Cragged Rock to descend. You can find the Owlbear itself, together with its cub and unhatched egg. In this cave, you will be able to find a large statue of Selune, a blue Gilded chest and a bunch of other items next to it.

How to open the gilded chest

The items can be collected, but you shouldn’t attempt to open the chest because it is sealed with Selûne’s Seal and will explode on contact, causing Radiant damage on your party. Any attack will be ineffective and possibly even dangerous for your team because the sealed box is filled with various resistances. Thus the key to open the gilded chest is right behind the  Moonmaiden’s statue

You need a Selunite Prayer Sheet to unlock the Gilded Chest in Owlbear Nest. The player must first jump across a gap to reach the platform where the statue is located. Then go behind the statue.

  • Pick up the piece of paper known as Selûnite Prayer Sheet ( Refer to the images down below).
  • To read the prayer, stand in front of the Gilded chest and interact with it.
  • If you pass the religion check that it prompts, you will learn more about the prayer.
  • If you fail the Religion check, you shouldn’t worry, simply pick up the sheet and jump back over the crack to position yourself near to the Gilded Chest.
  • Open your inventory and tap on read the Selûnite Prayer Sheet.

Remember :- choose any other player than shadowheart in the game as nothing will happen, so make sure you read it with any other character from your party.

What is Inside the Gilded Chest ?

Inside the gilded chest, you will find a Selunite Rite scroll, which describes the initiation procedures of Selûne followers, a Silver Necklace, a Bloodstone, an Onyx, a strange Idol of Selûne silver figurine, and a Moondrop Pendant, which serves as an amulet.

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