In this section you can find a detailed walkthrough for mission – Missed Beyond Measure of the Starfield. After finishing In Their Footsteps, head back to The Lodge to start the mission.

Missed Beyond Measure Walkthrough

It’s time to say goodbye to them, just as you did in High Price to Pay when you lost a friend. Upon your return to The Lodge, engage in a conversation with Noel, and she will extend an invitation to the commemorative service.

Wait (4 UT Days) for the service

Go to your room in The Lodge and talk to the bed if you want to finish it without going back and forth. Here, you can decide whether to fast-forward to the service. You can then go to the service in The Lodge’s main room when you awaken.

Attend today’s memorial service

Optional Objective: Delay the Service for 24 Hours
You can also choose to forego the service. However, if you’d want to attend, you can go downstairs and see the Constellation members gathered there.

Say a Few Words

If you come to the service, you can speak after the Constellation members have finished.
Optional Objective: Talk to Everyone and exit when you’re ready

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