It’s time Constellation visited their close friend and fellow member Barrett, who has taken over payment on the loan the player owed at the beginning of Starfield before they left for New Atlantis. One of the first major missions in Starfield, Back to Vectera, asks the player to check in on their former mining team and to try to follow some clues to discover what kind of trouble Barrett has this time around gotten himself into.

Return To Vectera

The first action that players should perform is to steer their ship towards the Marion system, which should be the first system they are familiar with because it is here that they first saw an Artefact and initially met Barrett. The Argos Extractors Mining Outpost is located on the moon of the planet Anselon, Vectera, where players will wish to dock their ship.

When the player arrives, the environment could appear colder than usual, but a familiar, slightly irritated face will be ready to speak with them. Fortunately, Lin has a friendly expression and has no malicious intentions towards the gamer. In actuality, the exact opposite.

Talk To Lin

Once at Vectera, speaking with Lin is the next critical step. The player is informed by Lin that the Crimson Fleet has captured Heller and Barrett and that she has been unable to access a broken computer that might provide information regarding their whereabouts. Vectera is alone and unable to flee this abandoned mining machine.

After speaking with Lin, players should go to the wrecked mech she was standing next to and take the Emergency Power Cell because they’ll need it later. The players should move towards the first building on the right, where they can discover the computer that might have the answers they need, as soon as this matter has been resolved.

Fix The Comms Computer

Players must now look for the two Emergency Power Cells inside the structure. The first one is on one of the shelves in the first chamber, to the right. There is a Digipick that will be useful later on on one of these shelves. Players can find Heller’s Cutter, a special tool that can be used in place of the standard Cutter for space mining operations, in the same room. Although it isn’t any faster or more powerful, the 20% more damage it deals against robots makes it worthwhile for collectors to purchase. Players can discover the following Emergency Power Cell in an office across from this space.

Players must locate and insert all three Emergency Power Cells into the available slots for the computer to turn on. In case players break the Digipick and don’t have any spares, it’s a good idea to make a save here. Considering that only a Novice skill level is needed, unlocking the computer’s door isn’t too difficult. Once opened, players can listen to the Emergency Transmission that describes Barrett’s dramatic escape from the Crimson Fleet and the breadcrumb trail he left behind for Constellation to pick up and save him and Heller, as well as access the computer to locate Sensory Array.

Talk To Lin Once Again

The players should return to Lin to validate their findings now that they have a lead on where to go next. Even though she never wants to see Barrett again, talking to Lin will give her comfort in knowing that Heller and Barrett are still alive. Lin explains to the player that she is stuck here until Argos picks her up, but she would still like to join the crew.

The greatest crew members in Starfield will be those discovered in the primary Constellation group because they have fantastic stats and can be romance partners, so if players have the space, there’s no harm in giving Lin a ride off the surface, but she doesn’t serve much of a purpose.

Find The Crashed Ship

The players must return to their spacecraft and board the Valo system. They need to discover the Crashed Ship location and then land on Prax. Players will instead encounter an injured Heller who is heavily medicated and enjoying the relaxation of painkillers as he sits and winces on the icy moon’s surface, waiting for his rescuer to emerge, rather than Barrett, who is in the distance guarding their prize.

Speaking with Heller will allow players to hear about Barrett’s daring escape and how things unavoidably went wrong. Heller is fine; he’s only a little bruised. So don’t worry. Barrett is now available for players to hire to join their crew, however, he doesn’t have very good stats. In either case, Heller hands out Emergency Transmission 2, which offers the following piece of information required to find Barrett.

Head To Bessel 3 And Find Barrett

The whereabouts of Barrett, who was on a Ransacked Research Outpost held by the Crimson Fleet in the Bessel system on the planet Bessel 3, were revealed via this Emergency Transmission. It is best to pack some weapons and heal since players will encounter a horde of pirates as soon as they dock, ready to kill them and take their ship and whatever riches they may have.

Alternatively, players can just rush through these adversaries and proceed directly to the Crimson Fleet Outpost structure in the area’s centre. Once inside, attackers won’t pursue the player, and they can holster their weapons as they enter. However, when they do, they find that the always charming Barrett has made friends with his captors.

Free Barrett From Matsura

As the two talk about their space travels and Barrett brags about seeing a unicorn or something similar, Matsura, the captain of this brigade of Crimson Fleet pirates, appears to enjoy Barrett’s company. There are a few options for how gamers can go from here. Barrett can be bargained for using credits, threats of violence, or both.

Convince Matsura. Barrett The Grim To Free: Players can get Barrett released for free and avoid any use of force by using the Persuade method. The best course of action is to convince Matsura that Barrett isn’t worth the bother even though the two have grown close. The second choice is to simply pay the pirate a ransom to release Barrett by paying 4,000 credits. For new players, this charge can be expensive, but if they know how to use the currency, they can quickly earn 4,000 Credits, thus it might be worthwhile to pay the fee.

Permit Sarah To Intervene: Due to the finances Constellation has access to, precisely for circumstances like this when one of their adventuring members becomes involved in a case of pirate ransom, Sarah is able to speak on behalf of Constellation and assist in liberating Barrett. Attack Matsura and the Crimson Fleet: It would be unfortunate for Barrett to lose a buddy if the base turned hostile as a result of an attack on Matsura and the Crimson Fleet. These are aggressive space pirates, though, so if players are unable to bargain or negotiate their way out of this predicament, then this is the solution for them.

Any non-hostile option selected renders all Crimson Fleet NPCs outside of this room non-hostile and prevents them from shooting the player as they did when the player first landed. The Crimson Fleet is still hostile because this was merely a one-time occurrence, nevertheless.

Return To The Lodge

Players can return to the safety of the safe world of New Atlantis, in the care of UC, now that Barrett has been saved. Players must travel to the Lodge so that Barrett can reconnect himself with the Constellation crew and take in the library’s newest artifacts.

As a new companion option in Starfield, Barrett is a good choice who has a pleasant personality and is a lot of fun to travel the galaxy with. The Back to Vectera quest in Starfield is now complete, but there will be many more.

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