This article provides an in-depth guide for completing the sixteenth mission in the Starfield Walkthrough, known as the Final Glimpses mission. As you explore the vast galaxy in search of the last remaining Artifacts, we’ll assist you in finding crucial resources, collectibles, and opportunities to acquire additional loot.

Go back to the Lodge

Return to the lodge and initiate the quest by conversing with Vladimir. Similar to the selection process in ‘Into the Unknown’ and ‘Further Into the Unknown,’ one of these locations will be randomly assigned. In our case, we were assigned the investigation of Araneae II. You must first have a ship with a 21LY Grav Jump Range in order to execute any of this.

Obtain a Ship With 21LY Grav Jump Range

To achieve this, it’s advisable to visit a ship technician. Since you’re commencing this quest from The Lodge, it’s practical to seek out the technician located near the Jemison dock. If you’ve accumulated a substantial amount of credits then you can conveniently utilize a 21LY Grav Jump to acquire a new ship.

Alternatively, you can opt to enhance your current spacecraft by upgrading its Grav Drive. A highly recommended side mission for unlocking new ship modifications is the Supra Et Ultra Side Mission. When we undertook this mission, we were able to modify our Frontier vessel with the required Grav Drive to successfully complete the task.

Visit Freya III

Once your Grav Drive has received the necessary upgrades, you can make your way to Freya III. However, when you attempt to approach Freya III, you’ll immediately notice that this is not an ordinary flight. Instead, a distress signal will emanate from a satellite. Despite its distorted nature, you can discern that the signal originates from the Nishina Research Station.

Investigate the Distress Signal

Your objective will shift towards landing on Freya III and gaining access to the Nishina Research Station to probe the distress signal. This will subsequently trigger the start of the Entangled main mission, along with a fresh side mission.

Finish “Entangled”

To successfully wrap up the Final Glimpses mission, you must now complete Entangled. This entails paying a visit to the Nishina Research Station and offering your assistance.

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