In Alan Wake 2, there are 21 special Lunch Boxes that Saga can find during her 2 Return chapters. You don’t have to look for Lunch Boxes while playing as Alan; instead, he collects Words of Power to aid him out. Each Alex Casey Lunch Box includes a note from its placer and Manuscript Fragments that boost Saga’s weapons. If you see colorful decorations and pebbles along a path, it means a Lunch Box is close. Saga will also let you know if you’re near one of these objects. This article will guide you to the location where you can find the lunch boxes in Chapter 5 of Return, titled “Old Gods“.

Lunch Box 15

On the hill to the south of the path leading to the manor. This Lunch Box will Give you 7 Manuscript Fragments.

Lunch Box 16

The first room on the right inside the manor. This Lunch Box will give you 5 Manuscript Fragments.

Lunch Box 17

The flooding to the south will go away once you’ve defeated the area boss. Discover this among the trees between the two paths that lead west from the nursing home by exiting through the southern gate. This Lunch Box will give you 9 Manuscript Fragments.

Lunch Box 18

Northeast on the lower of the two tracks, northeast of the Ranger Station. This Lunch Box will give you 8 Manuscript Fragments.

Lunch Box 19

Next to the beach, among the trees you’ll be able to find the lunch box which contains 6 Manuscript Fragments.

Lunch Box 20

This lunch box is by a tree, just south of the boat yard entrance. Cross the bridge to find it. You will get 9 Manuscript Fragments.

Lunch Box 21

Return to Cauldron Lake and go north to the Rental Cabins by using the Bolt Cutters. To get to this lunchbox, you have to pass through Cabin 3 and enter Cabin 2. You will get 9 Manuscript Fragments out of this Lunch Box.

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