Roblox’s Pet Simulator 99 has been updated with new items and pets. The Golden Shovel, a new tool for digging up specific spots and finding treasures is one of the new additions. This post will show you how to obtain the Secret Golden Shovel in Roblox’s Pet Simulator 99.

The Golden Shovel cannot be purchased from the Shovel Merchant with Coins. Instead, it may be obtained as a rare reward by completing mini-games. The Golden Shovel drop rate as a reward from these mini-games is extremely low.

Players can participate in Mini-Games such as Classic Obby, Minefield, Jungle Obby, Atlantis, Pyramid Obby, and Ice Obby to the Golden Shovel. If you look at the prizes in each Mini-Game, you could find a secret Golden Shovel, although we are unsure how frequently it appears.

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