In Alan Wake 2, there are 21 special Lunch Boxes that Saga can find during her 2 Return chapters. You don’t have to look for Lunch Boxes while playing as Alan; instead, he collects Words of Power to aid him out. Each Alex Casey Lunch Box includes a note from its placer and Manuscript Fragments that boost Saga’s weapons. If you see colorful decorations and pebbles along a path, it means a Lunch Box is close. Saga will also let you know if you’re near one of these objects. This article will guide you to the location where you can find the lunch boxes in Chapter 3 of Return, titled “The Local Girl.”

Lunch Box 9

Take the northern ledge behind the Radio Tower on your way to Coffee World where you’ll get 7 Manuscript Fragments from the Lunch Box.

Lunch Box 10

Before you enter Coffee World, in the small campsite over the bridge to the west. In this lunch box you’ll get 5 Manuscript Fragments.

Lunch Box 11

Turn around and escape Coffee World via the southern exit. The correct coffee container should be entered; it will be on the ground and you’ll get 9 Manuscript Fragments from the lunch box.

Lunch Box 12

Use the Trailer Park Key to gain entry to the Lighthouse Trailer Park by travelling south. To find this lunch box, turn right and go behind the swing set, where you’ll find the lunch box containing 7 Manuscript Fragments.

Lunch Box 13

Approach the Kalevala Knights Workshop and turn around to locate this in between two boats. The lunch box contains 6 Manuscript Fragments.

Lunch Box 14

On the ledge beside the stairs leading down, north of the Lighthouse, outside the Break Room will be a lunch box which contains 9 Manuscript Fragments.

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