In the game Alan Wake 2, there are special hidden treasures called “Cult Stashes” that you can find while playing Saga Anderson’s story. These stashes are like secret boxes, and each one has its own special puzzle to solve. These puzzles might need numbers, symbols, memory skills, or keys to unlock. When you solve these puzzles, you’ll get cool stuff like important items and resources. In this article, we’ll help you figure out how to solve and find the locations of all the 22 Cult Stashes.

Return 1: Invitation


To access the lockbox outside the trailer south of the Murder Site, enter the combination in the order specified by the note on the lockbox. The symbols for the code can be found inside the trailer on the walls, but you can skip this step and input the code directly.

Return 2: The Heart


Defeat the Cauldron Lake boss, head south from the shore, crouch under wood at the beach, follow the linear path to a split. Choose the right path, find a lockbox, interact to reveal a randomized order of 3 buttons. Pressing them in sequence, unlocking the box will give you an inventory upgrade.

CULT STASH #3 : Streamside Stash Key

Return to Witch’s Ladle, go left where flooding was cleared, defeat the wolf, follow yellow arrows to find a Stash Key on a rock. Head a few meters north to a campsite, use the key to open the Cult Stash located left of the campsite icon on the map.


From Streamside, take the southeast downhill path. Turn right before the river, locate the Stash. Look for yellow glowing numbers on trees (directly south of the Private Cabin on the map). Input code 658 to access the contents.

Return 3: Local Girl


After encountering the Thrower Taken on the way to Coffee World, ascend the hill. Find a stash on a ridge to the east. Solve the memory puzzle by clicking buttons as they flash.


The code is 527 outside the Hunting Shack that serves as a break room. The Crossbow is kept in the stash.


The code is 147 inside Coffee World, at the base of the Slow Roaster ride.

CULT STASH #8 (Coffee World Stash Key)

Behind Houtari well near a tree. The Coffee World Stash Key is required to open it. This can be found by heading east to the Mr. Drippy statue and looking behind it for the ground-level key.

CULT STASH #9 (Trailer Park Stash Key)

Defeat bosses in Watery, return to Trailer Park. Locate the stash near a trailer no longer flooded. Obtain the Trailer Park Stash Key from the light pole behind it by walking up the plank. Use the key to access the stash.


Reach the ledge northwest of the lighthouse. Decode the lock combination using symbols painted II & III. Rotate the first number to match and open the lock. Alternatively, input the decoded solution directly for quicker access.


The code is 496 on Watery’s southeast wharf.

Return 5: Old Gods


Above the break room on the hill to the northwest of Bunker Woods.


The code is 177, and it’s on the back of a truck south of the break room.

CULT STASH #14 (Bunker Woods Stash Key)

Defeat the boss in Bright Falls, exit the Nursing Home through the southern gate, find the stash behind a rock with a yellow arrow. Use the Bunker Woods Stash Key obtained by following gray signs with white arrows to a tree in the south.


Just before the path splits in two, slightly to the north of the main path past the break room. The code can be found on the rocks; to find the order, follow the arrows.

CULT STASH #16 ( Ranger Station Stash Key)

Exit Ranger Station to the chimney, find Ranger Station Stash Key next to it. Use the key for cult stash on a hill west of the Ranger Station.


This is next to a white van in Bright Falls; head towards the Lodge.


Visit wharf south of Sheriff Station, unlock gate with Bolt Cutters. In the shed, discover stash with code 697, includes Inventory Upgrade.


Use Bolt Cutters to access the locked fence behind the diner and station. Find code by observing symbols in the park: radar dish, gazebo, and benches.


Go to Watery, use Bolt Cutters on a gate near Kalevala Knights Workshop. In the back, find stash with code 542.

CULT STASH #21 (Lake Cabins Stash Key)

Cauldron Lake, Bolt Cutters on Rental Cabins gate. Head north, find Lake Cabins Stash Key behind the tree with number 2. Unlock Cabin 1 stash.

Return 6: Scratch


Cult Stash 22 + Lighthouse KeyIn the Sheriff Station’s Basement Evidence Room, enter the code 146 to access the last Cult Stash. Inside, discover a Lighthouse Key. Head to the Watery Lighthouse to uncover supplies and manuscript pages.

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