In The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, the Kyokugon Shrine (Alignment of the Circles) is a shrine found in the Central Hyrule Region, notably beneath Hyrule Field’s Great Plateau. This page contains instructions on how to find and access the TotK Kyokugon shrine, a walkthrough through the shrine, answers to puzzles, and locations of treasure chests.

Where is Kyokugon Shrine?

You can constantly receive a notification that a Shrine of Light is nearby in the Forest of Spirits of the Great Plateau. The location of this shrine is in coordinates -0838, -1482, and 0025, inside a Great Plateau Foothill Cave beneath a plateau not far from Addison and the Hyrule Restoration Materials platform.

Destroy the red rock wall with bomb plants or a rock hammer (weapon + rock fusion) and you’ll discover the Great Plateau Foothill Cave.

Destroy the red rock walls and go inside the long cavern. Inside you need to destroy the blue rock wall and the grey rock wall. There is only a Bubbulfrog behind the blue rocks that you can skip and the shrine is behind the grey rocks.

Walkthrough – Alignment of the Circle

In the first big room of the Kyokugon Shrine, there are four ball ports in the center of the room and there are three more ports on different levels to the left and right of the center. However, there are only four balls. The answer to this shrine can be found on the ceiling. Notably, the four green circles positioned overhead indicate the specific ports where you can place balls.

To open the gate, place the balls in the locations noted below:

  • upper-left port
  • lower-left port
  • right-centre port
  • centre right port

Treasure Chest

In the exit room, there stands another giant gate, behind which the treasure box remains locked.

To open the gate grab another ball that is located to the right of the gate then look to the left of the shrine exit, on the ceiling to find another green circle.

Use ultrahand to remove a panel in the floor to expose a ball port.

The gate will open if you grab the ball by it and throw it into the port. Inside the treasure chest is a Hearty Elixir.

Gather your Light of Blessing by making your way to the exit of the shrine.

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