After landing at The Xianzhou Luofu, players explore Honkai: Star Rail Cloudford first. In the course of their Trailblaze Mission, they encounter Tingyun there. The map of the area might appear challenging, but it will be simple to navigate once players find all the Space Anchors and shortcuts.In Honkai: Star Rail, Cloudford contains 31 collectible Treasure Chests. After completing numerous puzzles and exploring every nook and cranny, the prize can be found. Players will also locate the Warp Trotter site in Honkai: Star Rail after exploring the region

Where to find Cloudford Chest Locations

Your task is to move around and look at the majority of the tileset to unlock the Space Anchor teleport waypoints that are dispersed around the map.Finding each Treasure Chest will be simpler once you have unlocked all of the Space Anchors in the Cloudford area. Each chest’s location is listed below :

#1 chest location

Teleport to the Cloudford: Cargo Lane anchor. As soon as you enter the region, it can be found inside a opened container.

#2 chest location

Head upstairs to the main section of the house to locate it there.However, the stairs are next to a huge potted plant.

#3 chest location

At this point, descend once more and proceed to the left along the lower route until you come to the next chest.

#4 chest location

It can be discovered next to the open shipping container, southwest of the South Wing anchor.

#5 chest location

Use the Cavern of Corrosion teleport, then move forward until you see some steps to your right. The top of them is where the chest is.

#6 chest location

Travel to south and It is west of the anchor for the teleport to the skiff boarding area

#7 chest location

Next to the residence where you discovered Treasure Chest 5. It is located at the very end on top of a little platform.

#8 chest location

Depending on whether you’ve already opened the door or not, can be reached either straight after getting Chest 5 or after grabbing Chest 6.
Teleport to the Stagnant Shadow, where it can be found by looking up at the map.

#9 ( the Cloudford Warp Trotter location)

Warp Trotter is a 9. Only accessible if the route has been unlocked (along with the ensuing chests). It is situated northeast of the Trove of Verdure Space Anchor. The monster must be eliminated quickly because it can flee after three rounds of battle.

#10 chest location

The 10th chest is far distant and located on the north-east of the map. Therefore, on your journey there, you may encounter numerous enemies. But this one is inside a storage container that has been opened, right next to a set of the stairs.

#11 chest location

Head towards the cargo area anchor to discover that the upper region and this last chest are now accessible. It can be located south-east of this anchor on a small square platform.

Along with those chests, there are numerous mini-puzzles and optional battles that award additional chests:


To unlock the first Bountiful Chest, teleport to the Trove of Verdure Space Anchor, then head east after solving the Hexanexus puzzle. It becomes a chest when you simultaneously reflect both sides of it.


The 2nd Bountiful Treasure in Cloudford is located in the room to the east of the previous location.


Go west towards the Courier Cycrane puzzle after fast travelling to the Cloudford: Skiff Boarding Area Space Anchor. Follow it to the 3rd Bountiful Chest location after defeating the enemy nearby.


East of the Trove of Verdure in Cloudford is South Wing Waypoint, the seventh valuable treasure. If the southern shortcut is enabled, getting to the Hexanexus puzzle can be accomplished by returning to the previous position or by moving the boxes that are in the path east of the Waypoint.


South of the Cloudford: Skiff Boarding Area Waypoint is the last Chest in the area. To obtain the 5th chest, solve the Navigation Compass puzzle, line up all arrows with the blue pointer.


The 6th Treasure in Cloudford can be found by returning to the Waypoint and heading northeast to solve the Hexanexus puzzle.


Continue moving forward to north then east to discover some enemies surrounding another chest. Defeat them.


Head south and fight the enemies surrounding the Courier Cycrane in Honkai: Star Rail Next, proceed to the 8th Treasure location by following the flying bird


Chest 9 Hidden behind a Hexanexus Puzzle, To get the chest, you must solve the problem.


chest 10 is locked behind the navigation compass. Correctly adjust the compass arrows once again, and you will be amply rewarded.

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