Before reaching Saga’s Point of No Return at the conclusion of Chapter 6, “Return: Scratch,” all 17 nursery rhyme puzzle locations in Alan Wake 2 are accessible for the Shift in Reality trophy achievement. You have the opportunity to go back and complete any remaining puzzles before reaching this point. Nursery Rhyme Puzzles feature tripod-mounted cameras pointing at ground drawings with rhymes written on sheets of paper in the center. To solve these puzzles, match the corresponding Nursery Rhyme Dolls with the appropriate photographs. Upon solving a puzzle, a nearby Charm will appear for you to collect. Remember to retrieve the dolls after solving each riddle. You can refer to this article for assistance in solving Nursery Rhyme puzzles and locating their respective locations.

Nursery Rhyme 1

Navigate through Crow’s Foot Hills, cross the northern bridge, and find a campsite on the left once the land recovers from flooding. Examine the paper on the floor, revealing chalk drawings of items. Position the Crow Doll on the Sun icon to solve the Nursery Rhyme Puzzle. Remember to manually pick up the Crow Doll again before moving forward.

Nursery Rhyme 2

To locate the floor puzzle, go to Witchfinder’s Station in the north. Set the Wolf Doll on the Tree and the Hero Doll upon the Boat. Don’t forget to pick up the dolls once more afterwards.

Nursery Rhyme 3

To find another puzzle, go down to the Private Cabin. The Crow Doll should be placed on the Hatchling, the Hero Doll on the Heart, and the Wolf Doll on the House. After that, pick up the dolls.

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