Players must locate hidden pages and solve puzzles to complete the side quest The Adventurous Moles in Honkai Star Rail. There are no pages in this special edition of the Adventuresome Moles series. There are just the preface and postface, each of which contains a series of mysterious hints that point to the locations of the remaining pages and solution to the puzzle. This guide will help you to finish Honkai Star Rail’s Adventurer Moles task.


Requirements1) Hook’s Gift Companion Mission.
2) Trailblaze Mission ‘The Return’
Rank 29
RewardsTrailblaze EXP x100
Stellar Jade x80 Shield x100
Sparse Aether x6 Credit x6000 Bountiful Treasure Chests x4    
Completion Time10 minutes
4 treasure Locations1) The Great Mines

2) Rivet town

3) Backwater Pass

4) Silvermane Guard Restricted Zone

Starting location

Speak with Julian in Boulder Town to begin the Adventuresome Moles quest.

The Adventurous Moles Treasure Locations

Treasure #1 – Great mine

After speaking with Julian, continue to the Great Mine and follow the quest navigation to find a paper on top of a barrel.

After picking up the paper, turn back and go Right to be able to see the lamp.

Now pick up the lamp and place it down on the fence just like the others to get obtain your first treasure.

Treasure #2 – Backwater pass

Now to obtain your 2nd Treasure head back to Julian to get further instruction on your missions. After talking with him, Go to the café in the southeastern region of Backwater Pass in Honkai: Star Rail and pick up the paper from a bench.

Now after collecting the paper, head over to the cafe next to you. Move the chair that is upside-down on one table. Choose to Lay it flat on the ground.

Treasure #3 – Rivet Town

Fast-travel to Rivet Town and head north to locate the letter for Treasure 3. The note is next to a number of barrels on a table.

When you turn back after picking up the note, you will find a shelf with a few boxes on it. Now, select the option “Pick up the crate on top“.

Then, proceed past the metal fence to the shelves to the right and choose the option “Place it in the middle.”

This way you will receive your 3rd Treasure.

Treasure #4 – Silvermane Guard Restricted Zone.

Finally, you must go to the Silvermane Guard Restricted Zone to locate the message for Treasure 4. Near the Space Anchor fast travel point, the note is attached to a wall.

You can ‘Pick up the nearby gun’ by going to the right side of the barrier up ahead. Then, just “Put it on the gun rack” next to where you saw it.

.The final gun is behind the first blockade, off to the right of the second, and two more need to be placed on their racks. One is immediately to the left while approaching the region from the Space Anchor.

So after putting up all the three guns back on the rack, the challenge would be completed and you will receive the treasure.

How to Finish The Adventurous Moles Quest

When you have located all 4 notes and Treasures, you should gather the pages you have collected. You can get Julian to finish the book “The Adventurous Moles” and put it in your inventory by returning to him by returning to the location of your quest marker. Follow your next marker to Jarilo-VI-Administrative District and speak with Niko the publisher to finish The Adventurous Moles questline there.

Now hand over the book to Niko, which will ultimately finish the mission.

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