This article will guide you on how to complete the objective “Connect The Circuit”. The main Control Device must be connected to the circuit in order to finish the “As The Khvarena’s Light Shows: Nirodha” in Genshin Impact.

How to Find the Farrwicks

Before you attempt to connect the circuit you need to find two Farrwicks. These Farrwicks are used to get rid of the Grey Crystals around two mixer.

To obtain the first Farrwick, take the path on the right side after entering the puzzle room. Refer to below image. Then lead it back to the puzzle area and put it between the two Mixers across the entrance.

For the second Seelie, climb up the three ladders and then head left to collect the second Farrwick, and place it between the two Mixers close to the ladder to remove the Gray Crystals.

How to direct the energy flow to connect the circuit

Players now need to direct the Energy and connect the circuit after clearing the Grey Crystal around the Mixers. Move in the direction of the mixers opposite to the entrance and turn the mechanism to transfer the energy from the left mixer to the right mixer. Refer to the images down below.

Rotate the mixer three times.

Rotate the mixer once.

Players will eventually reach a locked gate as they move along the circuit’s path while rotating the available Mixers. To open the gate, turn the outside Mixer to the right. Refer to the images down below:

Head inside, rotate the mixer once. Then exit the cage and turn the outside mixer near to the gate 3 Times to direct the energy flow to another mixer inside the gate. Refer to image down below:

Finally, rotate the mixer near the small stairs to your left once. Refer to the images down below:

Now travel straight after rotating the above mixer and rotate the mixer on your north twice (on the other side of the stairs). Refer to the image down below:

Now travel to the last mixer to rotate its energy flow to connect the circuit and finish this objective. Turn the mixer marked by the arrow in the below image once to finish this objective.

This will help to connect the circuit to the final Control Device and open the gate.

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