One of the finest ways to properly explore the map and unlock fascinating new weaponry is by doing side missions. Drunk and Disorderly is one of the many Lost & Found quests. Although you must finish the main story to access this weapon quest, completing it is worthwhile because you’ll receive a new Legendary weapon as a reward – Party Starter Frenzy Brass Knuckles. This article will guide you on how to finish the Dead Island 2 side quest Drunk and Disorderly and how to obtain the Party Starter weapon.

Starting The Quest

You must complete the main story as a prerequisite before starting the Drunk and Disorderly side quest. Once that’s done, proceed to the Lotusville Mall, which is north of the Sterling Hotel, on Ocean Avenue. Go to the restrooms at the bottom floor and look for a notebook named “Dudes Who Chug” near a zombie eating a body on the floor.

The Drunk and Disorderly quest will begin once the journal has been collected. You’ll also discover that the quest requires you to acquire four journals, one of which you already have.

Follow the paper trail to a kick-ass new weapon

You’ll be given directions to locate Grant at a tattoo parlour close to Venice Beach after obtaining your first journal. He is now a zombie that can be located in the Roses and Tattoo parlour. The location is marked on the map above. Defeat Grant to obtain the second journal – Dudes Who Get Inked.

In your “Dudes Who Get Inked” journal, you can find information about Cole’s whereabouts. To get to the Green Gang and Lenny’s store, exit the parlour and turn right onto the main road. Continue straight until you reach your destination, as illustrated in the image below.

Cole will crawl out from Lenny’s store and, like Grant, is a regular zombie that is easy to take out. After defeating him, you can collect the third journal with information about Jordan.

Next, fast travel to The Pier and go to the Pier Grill Restaurant in order to find Jordan. The fourth diary is conveniently located at a dining table in the outdoor seating area, and this time there won’t be any zombies nearby.

Find Jordan somewhere on the Pier, swipe his keys

The notebook will reveal that a legendary weapon – Party Starter is in a white SUV in the Lotusville Mall’s basement. Prior to making your way there, you will require the car keys, which are in Jordan’s possession. Jordan can be found close to the restaurant, adjacent to the red cargo containers and explosive barrels.

Keep your distance and kill him with the help of the exploding barrels. After you’ve defeated him, grab the car keys he drops and quickly head to Ocean Avenue.

Claim your kick-ass new Party Starter from the dudes’ car

Go directly to the parking space in the basement of the hotel. Find a white SUV close to the A3 pillar. Grab the legendary Party Starter knuckles by opening the car trunk to complete the quest.

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