This page will walk you through all the puzzles, secrets, and items in the Beatific Palace of the video game Remnant 2 available to you.

Acquire the Faelin Mural Piece

Proceed past the checkpoint that is after the stairs as soon as you enter the Beatific Palace. Head to the lift by taking the left-hand path. Defeat the nearby adversaries to get to the first checkpoint.

Take the left door inside the library after ascending the spiral staircase. Only the door on the left of the three doors is open.

To locate the Faelin Mural Piece, continue walking along the boardwalk.

Ask Jester for a Magic Quill

Then proceed to the left and ascend the spiral stairs to the upper floor of the library. Go to the room on the left, then down the stairs there. To go to the basement, go downstairs one more time.

Keep going until you reach Jester, who is sitting on a pile of bones at the end of the route. Engage with him to witness his performance. Following the performance, he will offer you the Magic Quill.

Use the Magic Quill to reach Ironborough.

Retrace your steps to the library in the basement, where you’ll find a lift. After arriving at the main library via the lift, turn towards the right side wall. Draw a door with the Magic Quill to take you to Ironborough.

Get to the Great Sewers.

There are no puzzles or other hurdles in your way as you trek from Ironborough to Great Sewers. For directions on how to get to the Great Sewers, see the graphic below. Take out any foes you come across on the way.

Locate and eliminate the Bloat King

Travelling further down the Great Sewer. The route to Bloat King is also a simple walk devoid of any obstacles. Refer to the picture below.

To start a cutscene and destroy the Bloat King, enter the elliptical fog wall close to the checkpoint.

Leave the Sewers and Arrive at the Malefic Palace

After you’ve beaten the Bloat King, make your way to the bottom of the sewer and take the exit. When you emerge through the Great Sewer, you will be in Malefic Palace.

Solve Jester’s Card Puzzle to obtain a piece for the Faerin Mural.

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