This article delves into the consequences that arise when allowing Auntie Ethel to remove the Illithid Tadpole Parasite from your eyes in Baldur’s Gate 3, placing a spotlight on the choices made and their resulting impacts.

Reuniting with Auntie Ethel

As you journey toward the Riverside Teahouse, you’ll once again encounter Auntie Ethel, setting the stage for a important decision.

Auntie Ethel’s Hidden Lair

Inside the teahouse, you’ll find Auntie Ethel holding Mayrina captive. Your previous interactions with her influenced her action during this encounter, providing a backdrop for the following choices.

Confronting Auntie Ethel

You have the option to inquire about Mayrina, but Auntie Ethel responds with a severe warning, advising you to refrain from meddling in her matters. If you persist or disclose information about Mayrina’s brother, Auntie Ethel unleashes her mystical powers. She teleports Mayrina, revealing her true, hag-like appearance, and then vanishes behind a furnace, revealing her concealed hideout.

Choosing the Parasite Removal Procedure

Alternatively, you can opt to avoid involving Mayrina and inquire about the procedure for removing the Illithid Tadpole Parasite. Opting to undergo the procedure will come at the cost of losing one of your eyes.

The Unfortunate Consequences

f you opt to abstain from intervening in Mayrina’s fate, Auntie Ethel will request either your right or left eye in return for her assistance in parasite removal. However, it is highly discouraged to give up your eye in this manner, as Auntie Ethel’s attempts to extract the parasite will prove futile. The parasite has been corrupted by mysterious shadow magic. This decision will lead to lasting consequences, including enduring penalties in Perception Checks and facing a disadvantage when dealing with Hag adversaries.

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