Unlocking the mysteries of the Ancient Tome is no easy feat in Baldur’s Gate 3. This forbidden relic holds powerful necromantic magic waiting to be harnessed. Our guide will walk you through the steps required to access its dark secrets in the game Baldur’s Gate 3.

How to Unlock the Ancient Tome in Baldur’s Gate 3

The Ancient Tome is a tantalizing enigma in Baldur’s Gate 3, but uncovering its hidden potential is a journey spanning multiple acts and locations. While it takes time to fully unlock its arcane secrets, you can still derive some early benefits from this enigmatic tome.

Unlocking the Ancient Tome requires navigating several skill checks, including choices between Wisdom and Arcana. Certain backgrounds, like Sage and Acolyte, may provide an advantage in these roles. Wizards and Clerics might find success with their specific dialogue prompts. It’s advisable to save your progress before attempting these checks, as failure may lead to the quest’s termination. Now, head towards the marked location on the map and then head towards this structure to enter the Whispering Depths.

Discovering the Lost Book

The journey begins by locating the Ancient Tome inside the locked cellar of Blighted Village.

Head here in the Whispering Depths which I have marked on the map. Defeat the monsters within, including the formidable Phase Spider Matriarch. Among the scattered rewards, you’ll discover the Dark Amethyst. Combine this gem with the tome to unlock its hidden potential which will allow a single character to peruse its pages to reap the rewards.

The character that successfully completes all three skill checks will gain the ability to cast “Speak with Dead” at will. This valuable skill conserves precious spell slots when seeking information from the deceased. Furthermore, this character will receive a permanent +1 bonus to Wisdom Saving Throws.

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