Discover the secrets of the Shar Statue Plaques Puzzle in Reithwin Town and gain entry to the Sharran Sanctuary in Baldur’s Gate 3 with our step-by-step guide.

Locating the Sharran Sanctuary

The Sharran Sanctuary, hidden beneath a corrupted statue, lies just north of Moonrise Towers in the Shadow-Cursed Lands. To access this mysterious place, you must first solve a puzzle. Firstly, head towards the marked location on the map and then interact with the plaques in order to solve the puzzle.

Cracking the Statue Puzzle

When you reach the corrupted statue, you’ll notice three plaques attached to it. These plaques display a perplexing array of letters, and your task is to interact with them in the correct sequence to reveal the entrance to the Sanctuary. Each plaque requires you to pass an Intuition Skill Check. Here’s the order in which you should interact with the plaques:

North Plaque: Touch this plaque first, revealing the letters “OUR – LMISTRWHEN – NITHORM.”

West Plaque: Proceed to the West Plaque and interact with it, displaying the letters “ADY – OESS – OFGHT – FSHAL.”

East Plaque: Conclude the sequence by touching the East Plaque, which unveils the letters “F – LOSS – PAINALLSL – RISE.”

Once you have interacted with the plaques in this specific order, the statue will unlock, granting you access to the Sanctuary.

Gaining the Blessings of Shar

Upon entering the Sanctuary, you will encounter three statues at the base of a staircase. Each of these statues presents a unique Skill Check: one challenges your Charisma, another tests your Intelligence, and the last assesses your Wisdom.

Blood Sacrifice

Proceed to the Altar of Shar, where you will be faced with a requirement for a blood sacrifice. Engage with the altar and choose to offer blood using the Ritual Dagger placed on the sacrificial bowl.

Note: Stealing the Ritual Dagger is an option, which you may consider after making a blood offering to Shar. However, be aware that taking the Dagger will provoke an attack by three sentinels.

With this guide, you can successfully navigate the Shar Statue Plaques Puzzle and gain access to the Sharran Sanctuary in Reithwin Town, Baldur’s Gate 3.

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