Rescue the Grand Duke is a side quest in Baldur’s Gate 3 that requires players to save Wyll’s father, a vital character in the city of Baldur’s Gate. In Act 1 of Baldur’s Gate 3, players hear that Duke Ravengard has gone missing, but they won’t be able to track him down until Act 3. The Duke is kidnapped and eventually winds up confined in the Iron Throne with Gondians. This article will show you how to make the right decisions to get to this point, as well as how to save him.

How to start the Quest

In Waukeen’s Rest, you can find the starting point for this quest. Destroy the keg blocking the door to the eastern side of the flaming structure, then hop up to the second floor and break through the door. Counselor Florrick is able to safely leave the building as a result. When she exits, she will ask you to save the Grand Duke Ravengard, who has been taken hostage by the Drow and Goblin force that is attacking. When you accept this task, it is added to your missions and the quest has been started.

Where to Find the Grand Duke

You’ve been informed by Counselor Florrick that the Grand Duke was brought to Moonrise Towers. To save the Grand Duke, you must finish the side missions “Save the Refugees” or “Free True Soul Nere.” When you reach Moonrise Towers, you learn that there are lots of prisoners, but some of them are missing, including Grand Duke, who is now being moved to the Baldur Gate.

Wyll’s Decision on Mizora’s Pact.

Wyrm’s Rock Fotress Location ( Refer to the image down below) :-

When Gortash is crowned as a dictator, you will run into the Grand Duke Ravengard as soon as you arrive to Wyrm’s Rock Fotress.

Sadly, he’ll vanish after the ceremony, but Mizora will like to speak with you about this at your camp. Wyll is given a choice by Mizora; he is given the option of breaking his contract right away, but the location of his father will remain a secret. Wyll will be told where his father is and even given assistance in the rescue if he decides to serve Mizora forever, though whatever option you select, you will be able to learn that the Grand Duke Ravengard is hidden in The Iron Throne, a submerged prison that can be found by completing the side mission “Avenge the Drowned.”

Important to Note :- Ignoring Mizora will result in the death of Grand Duke Ravengard. You can decline her offer, but don’t ignore her. If you accept her offer then she will be of great assistance to you in rescuing the Grand Duke.

How to Rescue the Grand Duke from the iron throne

  • Gortash orders you to turn back after you take the submersible down to the Iron Throne. If you continue, he will cause the entire prison to self-destruct.
  • You’ll have six battle rounds to save as many people as you can. In addition to the Grand Duke Ravengard, you can also save the Gondians and Omeluum.
  • You should ensure that everyone in your group has at least one Potion of Speed so that they can race to their objectives.
  • Ravengard is located east of the underwater staircase; you must activate the lever outside of his cell to release him free.
  • You can also heal him so that he survives the fight.
  • To get the Grand Duke out fast, party members like Shadowheart or Cleric can give him movement and haste buffs like ‘freedom of movement’.

This is how you save the Grand Duke Ravengard. Once you make it out safely, he will be back at your camp.

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