This guide will lead you through the process of accessing the Gnarled Door in Baldur’s Gate 3. As you pursue Auntie Ethel in the game, you will ultimately find yourself in the Overgrown Tunnel, where you’ll encounter Auntie Ethel in her hag-like appearance. She will request that you depart and will subsequently vanish.

Passing Through the Gnarled Door

As you proceed further into the Overgrown Tunnel, you will encounter the Gnarled Door. This door will project haunting visions of individuals who fell victim to the hag’s curse but remain firmly shut. To breach this Gnarled Door, you must equip the Whispering Masks located from an adjacent table. Equipping one of these masks on any of your characters will grant you access through the Gnarled Door.

You can pass by positioning your camera beyond the door and clicking on the area on the opposite side.

Removing the Whispering Mask

Once you’ve traversed the Gnarled Door, it’s important to promptly remove the Whispering Mask. Auntie Ethel possesses mental influence over these masks. Failure to remove the mask promptly may result in her compelling you to attack your own teammates.

By following these steps, you’ll successfully navigate through the enigmatic Gnarled Door in Baldur’s Gate 3 and continue your adventure.

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