This article guide you on how to Rescue The Grand Duke in Baldur’s Gate.

How to Start the Quest

In the final leg of this questline, your journey takes you to Baldur’s Gate during Act Three, where you’ll follow the questline until you encounter Gortash. During the conversation with Gortash, he extends an invitation to his coronation ceremony, where Grand Duke Ravengard is present. However, something seems amiss as the Grand Duke appears disoriented and fails to realize his captive status.

At this juncture, there’s no straightforward method to liberate the Grand Duke. Return to your camp and you’ve learned that Wyll is the Grand Duke’s son.

Rescuing the Grand Duke from the Iron Throne

Proceed to the southwestern area of the Lower City in Baldur’s Gate, where you’ll encounter Redhammer the Deviser. Inform him of your situation, and he’ll guide you to the underwater prison known as the Iron Throne in his submersible. This stage of the quest presents a challenging task—freeing the Grand Duke and ensuring his escape within a tight timeframe of six turns.

Grand Duke Ravengard is situated in the eastern wing of the prison. Utilize your fastest mobility spells and abilities to reach him swiftly while being prepared to fend off periodic enemy attacks. Spells like Fly and Misty Step can prove invaluable. Upon reaching his prison chamber within the first couple of turns, unlock the gate.

Now, your primary objective is to escort the Grand Duke to safety. If you choose to accept Mizora’s aid, she’ll provide the Grand Duke with Freedom of Movement and Haste to expedite his escape. Alternatively, characters like Shadowheart or a Cleric can provide similar buffs. Successfully guiding the Grand Duke out of the Iron Throne will bring him back to your camp.

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