In this guide, we’ll walk you through the steps to successfully finish the quest titled “Find the Missing Boots” in Baldur’s Gate 3. This quest becomes available within the underground section of Underdark – Beach during Chapter 1 of the game.

How to start the quest: Southwest Underdark

To initiate this quest, make your way to the southwestern expanse of the Underdark. As you come across wooden structures, you’ll be certain you’re on the correct path. Upon entering the encampment, you’ll engage in a conversation with Gekh Coal. Should you manage to persuade him, you’ll have the option to extend your assistance in locating an escaped slave or, at the very least, recovering the pilfered boots.

The boots you’re seeking can be found with a deep gnome named Thulla, who currently resides in the Myconid colony, perched atop a mushroom. Thulla is facing a precarious situation with a poison injury, although assisting her is not mandatory. Nevertheless, if you aim to maintain a favorable relationship with her and avoid any conflict with the Myconids, it’s a prudent choice.

By lending a hand, she’ll ask you to help her people, kicking off the side quest “Save the Grymforge Gnomes.” If you feel like it, you can grill her for more info, but agreeing to help her out will get you the stolen boots.

Retrieve the Boots: Back to Duergar Camp

Now that you’re the proud owner of some stolen boots, it’s time to head back to the Duergar camp in the southwest. Hop onto Gekh Coal’s boat to cruise across the lake.

 If you’re on the hunt for the Adamantine Forge or aiming to save the Grymforge Dwarves, guess what? They’re on the other side of the lake too. As you sail along, a boat full of dwarves will roll up on you. Just let ’em know you’ve got the boots, and Gekh gave you the green light. They’ll give you a pass without any fuss.

The Grand Boot Return: Sergeant Thrinn’s Spot

To wrap up this quest, you’ll need to hoof it south from the docks, make your way up the stairs, and enter the massive lava-filled room. You can’t miss it – that’s where you’ll find the Grymforge Gnomes, Sergeant Thrinn, and the rubble from the cave-in. Chat up Thrinn to hand over the boots and tie a bow on this quest. As a little bonus, you can choose either the Bracing Band or Armour of Uninhibited Kushigo as your reward.

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