You’ll face five Nursery Rhyme Puzzle tasks after defeating Mulligan & Thornton (Return 3), and you can win five Charms as a reward and this guide will help you solve all Nursery Rhymes Puzzles and to find all dolls and charms locations

#4 Nursery Rhyme solution

Make careful to get the dolls of the deer and moose, which are situated to the right of the rhyme, as you arrive at the site of the Shooting Range nursery rhyme.

You need to solve this given rhyme :

The Gentle Beast with a beautiful crown

Runs through the woods with a worried frown

From the Hunter he flees between the mighty trees

To make it out alive

You will find the clue referring to the moose as the “Gentle Beast with a beautiful crown” at the location of the nursery rhyme at Shooting Range. As the poem suggests, place the moose doll on the tree in the forest.

After you’ve positioned the right doll, leave the shooting range. A large statue of a moose will occur magically along the way, and you’ll be rewarded with a coffee mug charm.

#5 Nursery Rhyme solution

Go to the location shown as “Radio Tower” on your map, which is located directly past the Crossbow Cult Stash and the Watery safehouse north of downtown.

You’ll have to solve the rhyme given below:

Three little Deers ventured to roam

And found a nice place to eat and play

One little Deer never came home

And two of the deers cried all day

Another nursery rhyme can be found if you proceed to the southernmost ridge, which has a view of the safe chamber, once you arrive at the radio tower.

You’ll need the Deer Doll, which reappears at the first Watery rhyme, to solve this one.To finish the poem, place the Deer Doll on the home.

But doing so will bring two Taken Wolves into the area. These guys are quick, hard to follow, and have strong attacks, so you have to exercise extreme caution around them. After taking them out, head toward the street lamp located farther within the radio tower area . Remove the other Taken from this area, and then search for a deer carcass east of the radio tower. Reach the dead deer and take hold of the Deer Charm; this will make you more resilient to being interrupted or stunned.

#6 Nursery Rhyme Solution

It’ll be available after the victory over Mulligan & Thornton. Nursery Rhyme #6 is at the dock of the Trailer Park.

At the Fish Cleaning station, the Bear Doll and the Wise Elder Doll are seated next to the sink. The Mother Doll and Child Doll, meantime, are positioned on the benches that lead down to the dock.

you’ll have to solve this riddle:

The Old Fisherman had great luck

His catch at Sea was beyond belief

But the Hungry Guest found relief

In the Fisherman’s bountiful truck

Put the Bear Doll on the Sweet/Candy and the Wise Elder Doll on the Waves.The charm is located at the Fish Cleaning station next to the sink.

#7 Nursery Rhymes Solution

This doll is located right outside the entrance of the Lighthouse.

you’ll need to solve the riddle given below:

An old Watcher of the Sea before his demise

Cursed the waters that ruined his eyes

So he played a trick on the Ocean deep

The waves to fight and havoc to wreak

And in doing that wrong lost his soul’s song

The Nursery Rhyme is close to the edge. Place the Trickster Doll on the Waves and the Wise Elder Doll on the Eye to solve the Nursery Rhyme Puzzle beside the lighthouse.

Now You must return to the road and head all the way back down into downtown. Be cautious—solving the puzzle will result in the spawning of at least one Taken on the road. Just before the bridge, make a right turn onto the street and head toward the water. You can now enter the waves because part of the debris that was obstructing the path has vanished. Enter and take the Lighthouse Charm off the rock to boost your health regeneration while in a safe haven

#8 Nursery Rhyme Solution

Once Watery’s flooding has subsided, return to Coffee World and locate the Latte Lagoon dock, which is located just north of the Fair Trade Fun Zone, on the map. The Deer, Moose, and Trickster Dolls are required, and they may be obtained from the Lighthouse rhyme and the Nursery Rhyme north of downtown.

You’ll need to solve this riddle:

A Devil with a prize, lured the animals two

To his boat all shiny and new

Who would float and who would sink?

Asked the Devil with a wink

The Moose went splash, the Deer sailed on

But which one of them was therefore gone?

Place the Trickster Doll on the Jewelry, the Deer Doll on the Boat, and the Moose Doll on the Wave on The Latte Lagoon the dock in Coffee World. Now a boat will come floating near the dock in red and blue. The boat has the charm ( Mr. Drippy charm)

#9 Nursery rhyme solution

Proceed to the Ranger’s Cabin, where the Monster Doll and Maiden Doll are located on the bedroom dresser upstairs.Proceed behind the Ranger Cabin to solve Nursery Rhyme Puzzle #9. The Bear Doll should be placed on the Heart, and the Maiden Doll on the Tree.

Go back upstairs to the Ranger Cabin and find the charm on the bed.

#10 Nursery rhyme solution

After you obtain the screwdriver from Coffee World, you can go to this Nursery Rhyme, but it makes more sense to wait until you’re leaving the area. Navigate to the trailer located north of Suomi Hall by heading into the location designated as “Downtown Watery” on your map. Take out the lock with your screwdriver and enter. Read through all of the FBC documents in this section; they’re both highly informative and will provide you with more materials for your case board.Here, you’ll need the Trickster and Maiden Dolls, which you can find at the Ranger Cabin and Lighthouse

Once inside, make your way to the room on the left side of the trailer.

You’ll have to solve the given rhyme:

There once was a faithful Girl

At home she stayed and there she prayed

For her Lover to return

But he collected fair maidens just as he did

Their stolen riches and broken hearts

Arrange the Trickster Doll on the jewelry and the Maiden Doll on the house.This will clear the puzzle and leave a path that returns to the outside. Take out another charm from the mailbox that says, “Coffee Mug (saves you from a death).”Because the town isn’t a battle zone, this poem is one of the few that doesn’t produce any Taken for you to fight

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