This article will guide you on where to find sand claws in Lego Fortnite. Sand Wolves: The primary source of Sand Claws is orange and grey wolves. They can be found in two places like Dry Valley and The Shore

Dry Valley

Sand Wolves main home range is the Dry Valley, where they can be found both day and night.

The Shore

At night, sand wolves roam the beaches; however, they disappear as day approaches. The competing nighttime enemies in this option make hunting more difficult

Hunting Advice

Prepare yourself since sand wolves are more resilient than other wolves. Bring lots of food and medical supplies, as well as weapons of at least exceptional rarity, such as a longsword or recurve crossbow.

Avoid being encircled! While attacking, circle-strafe the wolves to avoid getting bitten. Prepare to dodge their lunge strike because it has a good range.

Think About Allies

While you deliver the final blows, your villager partner can tank some damage and divert the wolves’ attention. Before they despawn, seize the four claws that each sand wolf drops.

Additional Information: In the Dry Valley, Sand Shells are also dropped by Hermit Crabs. These can be used to create enhanced crafting stations in conjunction with Sand Claws. Look for barrels and chests in Dry Valley and along the shore. Occasionally, they hold Sand Claws and additional valuable items.

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