The Frostlands in LEGO Fortnite are a cood area to explore. With some smart planning and tasty tricks, you can turn this icy wasteland into a cozy camping trip. This article will guide you on how to survive freezing cold temperature in Lego Fortnite.

Gear Up for the Freeze

  • Spicy Peppers: These fiery snacks from the Dry Valley give you a two-minute shield against the frost. Stock up!
  • Hearty Totem: This charm heals you while you’re full, stopping the cold from taking your health.
  • Slurp Juice: This yummy drink heals you over time, fighting off the chills. Find it at Slurp Stations or hidden around.

Master the Munchies

  • Spicy Burgers: Combine peppers with Flower Meat for a burger that grants longer cold resistance than just peppers.
  • Fire Charms: These trinkets give extra warmth. Not as strong as food, but good for milder areas.

Seek Shelter from the Storm

  • Campfires: Build one with wood to regain health and melt away the frost. Cozy!
  • Buildings: Any enclosed space will shield you from the harsh elements. Rest up and plan your next move.

Time Your Travels

  • Daytime: The Frostlands are milder during the day. Explore then to avoid freezing faster than a popsicle in a blizzard.
  • Nighttime: As darkness falls, the cold bites harder. Unless you’re super prepared, snuggle up until sunrise.

Potion Power

  • Chili Pepper Soup: This spicy soup made with peppers and mushrooms gives you a big cold resistance boost.
  • Hearty Stew: This stew refills your health and gives you temporary cold resistance. Flower Meat, mushrooms, and carrots are the recipe.

Bonus Tip: Befriend a Dragon! These fiery companions not only protect you, but their heat keeps you warm too.

Remember, preparation is key! Gather your supplies, light your fire, and embrace the frozen adventure that awaits in the heart of LEGO Fortnite!

By Mansi

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