Cult Stashes in Alan Wake 2, exclusive to Saga Anderson’s story, are collectibles found in various areas. They consist of locked boxes with different puzzle types. These puzzles may require numeral codes, symbol codes, memory tests, or keys to unlock. Solving these puzzles grants valuable resources and unique items. In this article, we’ll guide you through solving the Cauldron Lake Cult Stash’s “Streamside Stash key” puzzle.

Location of the Streamside Cult Stash.

To access the contents of a Cult Stash near Crow’s Foot Hills in Alan Wake 2’s Cauldron Lake, players need a Streamside Stash key.

Where to find the Streamside Stash key

You must use your flashlight to find the key’s location. Use your flashlight to find yellow arrows on nearby trees. The first arrow is on the tree next to the stash, pointing right. The next arrow is on another tree to your right (Refer to the images down below).

Follow the illuminated arrows using your flashlight. They lead you south where you will notice a arrow pointing downwards towards a rock and you follow find the key is resting on that same particular rock.

Return to the container, open the padlock with the key, and you will find a trauma pad, a hand flare, and shotgun ammo inside.

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