This walkthrough will guide you through all objectives of the Scooped! side quest in Dead Island 2. To enter it, go to the back of the building. Within the LA 24 News offices, a small team is currently trapped with no means of escape, unless you aid in eliminating the “monster” that haunts their location.

Location of Scooped! Side Quest

This side quest is triggered automatically during the “Boardwalking Dead” main quest. As you explore Ocean Avenue in search of Tisha, a peculiar voice may catch your attention if you encounter a white LA 24 News van on Stoker Place. The urgent SOS broadcasted by an LA 24 News anchor from the van indicates an immediate need for assistance. Your task is to locate the newsrooms and make a valiant effort to rescue the survivors held there.

Find and help the survivors in the LA 24  News office in Ocean Avenue

The survivors are inside the LA 24 News building. The LA 24 News headquarters are located on the corner of Ocean Avenue and Yupster Court, however, the entrances are boarded up and all sealed. To enter it, go to the back of the building.

To access the LA 24 News office, head to the scaffolding near the intersection of Silicon Street and Stoker Place. Once there, climb up onto the pallets and crates and make your way to the catwalk. Using a melee weapon, shatter the glass window to enter inside.

Proceed down the dimly lit hallway until you reach a set of wooden doors that open into the lobby but are slightly misaligned. You’ll find several bloody corpses against the wall.

Examine the heap of dead people and other items in the room to get additional information about what might have happened.

As you enter, on your right-hand side find a Journal on the table surrounded by red chairs.

You can find a second Journal on the reception counter, next to the phone.

Take the stairs up to the second floor. You can find the LA 24 News Security Pass close to the body of a security guard in front of the lift bay doors.

Use the LA 24 News Security Pass to open the doors to the right of the staircase. After passing through the door, turn right and proceed down the dim hallway. Take a second right, then go through the studio door to locate the survivor.

Tell the survivors that help has arrived

Talk with LA 24 News news anchor Esta. She believes there is something in the building with the remaining members of the news crew, something more advanced than a typical zombie. Esta requests that you enter the basement to turn on the servers so Esta can activate the security cameras and show you exactly where this “Monster” is located.

ind the servers in the basement

Exit through the door to the right of Esta and Nora to locate the servers in the basement. Go downstairs to the basement. The sprinklers in the first basement hallway are damaged and the floor is electrified due to an exposed cable. To turn off the electricity, enter the storage room to the right and follow the yellow cable to the generator and turn it off.

Go to the server room and defeat the monster there.

Reboot the basement servers x3

To restart the system, you must turn on three server terminals in the basement: All three server terminals are in same room. One near the door and two at the back of the room. As you work to get the system online, more Shocking Walkers and Shocking Runners will assault near the end of Server Bay.

Once everything is ready, Esta calls the radio and delivers the news. You’ll run into a tough Voltaic Screamer and some Firefighter Walkers on your way out of the basement. As there is no water to convey the Electrified effect, be careful to combat them in the server room.

Hightail it to the second floor conference room

Climb up Floor 2 from basement stairs. At the end of the hallway, turn right and then left. Make one more right, and then the conference room’s doors will open. Sadly, something arrived ahead of you. The news crew is all gone. Whatever killed them is currently in the recording studio with Esta.

Before it’s too late, save Esta and Nora!

Go to the Floor 1 to find a butcher eating on a corpse in front of the news desk as you walk inside the news studio. Kill the Butcher.

Two more Butchers emerge from the studio vents. Kill both of them. Esta and Nora will be hiding out in the studio office until all three Butchers have been eliminated. Inform them that the coast has finally been cleared to end the quest.

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