This walkthrough will guide you through all objectives of the Diaries of the Dead side mission. Diaries of the Dead is a Side Quest in Dead Island 2. Help W.O. Rodriguez locate the memory stick containing the last letters written by fallen soldiers, and then assist her in uploading them so that perhaps someday their loved ones will be able to read them.

Where to Pick Up the Side Quest for Diaries of the Dead

The Diaries of the Dead side quest in Dead Island 2 can be acquired from W.O. Rodriguez after completing the “Cremains of the Day” side quest. You’ll find her in the military tower located in the northwest of Venice Beach. She will ask you to find the memory stick containing the soldiers’ farewell letters, and assist her in uploading them so that their loved ones can read them.

Locate the swarmed convoy

The convoy trucks are parked on the sand road that runs parallel to the beach and to the southeast of the tower.

Look for a memory stick in the convoy

The memory stick is inside a laptop that is next to the white truck and located in the middle of the three convoy vehicles.

Grab the comms area keycard

Prior to uploading anything, you must receive the communications area keycard. The convoy will be attacked by a horde of zombies once you get the memory stick. There will be four waves of enemies, kill them all to proceed.

Kill the Signal Officer! He has the key card you need!

After killing all 4 waves of enemies, an officer will appear. Kill him for the key card. The comms area keycard will be dropped on the ground next to the dead body of the Signal Officer Zombie.

Advance to the USMC comms area

These letters can only be uploaded from the USMC communications area. To access this section of the military facility in Venice Beach, follow the quest marker and use the southeast door. In the first section, you’ll find a satellite dish placed on top of wooden pallets. Interact with the dish to insert the USB drive.

Upload the fallen soldiers’ letters

More zombies will emerge from hiding while the letters are uploaded. Get rid of all zombies, including a Vicious Butcher and a Mutator version of Lt. Bryant.

“Upload failed”? What happened?

You can check on the satellite dish after Lt. Bryant and all other zombies have been successfully eliminated to only find that the upload was unsuccessful. Someone appears to be jamming the signal since they do not want any information coming out at this time.

Pull back and regroup at the Tower

Follow the quest marker back to the tower and inform W.O. Rodriguez about the Failed upload. Even though you were unsuccessful in uploading the final letters of the deceased soldiers, W.O. Rodriguez is certain that you will survive Hell-A after witnessing you fight. She gives you the memory stick in the hope that you’ll one day manage to survive.

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