In Alan Wake 2, there are 21 special Lunch Boxes that Saga can find during her ‘Return 1’ chapters. You don’t have to look for Lunch Boxes while playing as Alan; instead, he collects Words of Power to aid him out. Each Alex Casey Lunch Box includes a note from its placer and Manuscript Fragments that boost Saga’s weapons. If you see colorful decorations and pebbles along a path, it means a Lunch Box is close. Saga will also let you know if you’re near one of these objects.

Lunch Box 1

Following the conversation with Deputy Mulligan, crawl through the fence hole and proceed along the path. Instead of taking the left path downhill with Casey, opt for the optional right path to reach a viewing platform. Locate the Lunch Box on the ground in the bushes at this platform.

Lunch Box 2

Proceed northeast from the General Store, reaching the end of the blocked pathway to find the lunch box.

Lunch Box 3

The Lunch Box is at the campsite in the opening, situated southwest of the Murder Site.

Lunch Box 4

Navigate to the Witch’s Hut, proceed left across the bridge to encounter a camping chair, and circle around the cliffside to discover the Lunch Box.

Lunch Box 5

Upon receiving the Shortcut Key from the Deputy (integral to the story), accompany Casey uphill to the starting location of the chapter. Midway up the shortcut path, identify a small building (FBC station); ascend the ledge situated behind it to uncover the Lunch Box, containing 2 Manuscript Fragments.

Lunch Box 6

In the park east of the ‘Diner Deer Oh” on the Bright Falls map, specifically to the right, discover the Lunch Box at the base of a tree towards the back right, next to the gazebo. This Lunch Box contains 5 Manuscript Fragments.

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