In Alan Wake 2, there are 21 special Lunch Boxes that Saga can find during her 2 Return chapters. You don’t have to look for Lunch Boxes while playing as Alan; instead, he collects Words of Power to aid him out. Each Alex Casey Lunch Box includes a note from its placer and Manuscript Fragments that boost Saga’s weapons. If you see colorful decorations and pebbles along a path, it means a Lunch Box is close. Saga will also let you know if you’re near one of these objects. This article will guide you to the location where you can find the lunch boxes in Chapter 2 of Return, titled “The Heart.”

Lunch Box 7

The lunch box is located in the bushes northeast of Witchfinder Station, to the left of a little trail that descends to Streamside once the flooding ends. You will get a total of 9 Manuscript Fragments.

Lunch box 8

To get to this lunch box, you have to follow the river up until the very end. You will receive a total of 9 Manuscript Fragments in this lunch box.

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