This article will guide you on how to complete the quest “My Dearest Violet” in the game One Piece Odyssey.

How to start the Quest

The quest “My Dearest Violet” can be initiated near the center of the Dressrosa City Area map as marked on the image below. You’ll need to talk to a tall lanky fellow with red hair to start the quest.

 As the quest start, head to the eastern part of the map in the tavern, there you can find this huge guy that you need to talk to next.

Once you’re done with that guy, go to the western side of the map where you can find this kid near one of the buildings. Talk to him to progress the quest.

Next, you need to find his other friend. You can find him nearby behind a wall.

Head to the northwest side of the map to a bookstore. Right outside is a girl you need to talk to who’s looking at a nearby stall.

Now go inside the bookstore and talk to this man with a nice mustache to progress through the quest.

Once that’s done all you need to head back to the quest starting location and talk to the red-haired guy to finish it!

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