In LEGO Fortnite, cultivating a variety of food is essential for survival, especially in the early stages of the game. This guide will provide comprehensive steps on how to plant seeds in in Lego Fortnite. As you explore the map, discover abandoned buildings, and uncover chests, you’ll stumble upon different seeds crucial for your garden. Follow these steps to ensure a successful harvest:

Craft a Shovel

Obtain a Shovel from the Crafting Station. This tool is vital for collecting Soil, the foundation for your future Garden Plots.

Gather Soil

Use the Shovel to dig at any patch of ground. Each dig has a chance to drop Soil, necessary for creating Garden Plots.

Find Fertilizer

While Soil is abundant, Fertilizer is a bit trickier to obtain. Keep an eye out for animals like sheep, cows, and chickens in the Grasslands Biome. Drop raspberries, pumpkins, and corn near them, and wait for them to produce Fertilizer naturally.

Craft a Garden Plot

Open the crafting menu and navigate to the “Utility” tab. Combine 2x Soil and 1x Fertilizer to create a Garden Plot.

Place the Garden Plot

Select a sunny spot with sufficient space for the plant to grow. Interact with the ground to place the plot.

Obtain Seeds

Seeds can be found in chests, dropped by enemies, or purchased from merchants. Early game seeds include Pumpkin Seeds, Corn Kernels, and Pepper Seeds.

Plant the Seeds

Interact with the Garden Plot and choose the seed you want to plant. You can plant multiple seeds of the same type in a single plot for a larger harvest.

Tend to your Crops

Regularly water your crops using a Watering Can, crafted from 2 x Wood and 1 x Sheet Metal. Be patient, as crops take time to mature.

Harvest your Crops

Once fully grown, interact with the Garden Plot to harvest the crops. You’ll receive the mature plant (e.g., Pumpkin) and additional seeds for replanting.

Bonus Tips:

  • Upgrade your crafting bench and village hub for more advanced recipes and farming tools.
  • Assign villagers to tend your crops for automated farming.
  • Experiment with different crops to diversify your food sources and materials.

With these combined insights, you’ll become a self-sufficient farmer, ensuring a sustainable food source in the early game of LEGO Fortnite.

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