In Lego Fortnite, marble is a resource that can be used to create a wide range of tools and constructions. However, locating and obtaining it requires considerable planning and expertise.

Where to get marble in Lego Fortnite

This article will help you in searching and locating Marbles in Lego Fortnite.

Necessary Equipment Required

Pickaxe: It is necessary to bring a Uncommon Pickaxe. One can easily create a Pickaxe with three Knotroot Rods and three Bones.

Torch: Wood-and-coal-crafted torch to light your way

Weapons: Other weapons to find against enemies

Marble Location in Lego Fortnite

You can grab marble in caves, which are scattered about everywhere. to be more specific player can look for marble in grassland cave. Grassland Caves: These are the most common and marble-rich cave type. Player can look for marble in a cave that look like white stones with black veins. Refer to below image. Grab your pickaxe to strike these white stones to obtain Marble.

Other Locations of Marble

  • Structure Destruction: Destroy marble-built structures to quickly replenish resources.
  • Player can be on the lookout for Marble Slabs scattered around the world as loot as this will save valuable crafting time
  • Treasure Troves: Player can look for chests and rare events like Supply Crates, Loot Llamas, and rainbows.

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